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Design an outdoor recreation programme for an adult team building day from a local company perspective. Critically evaluate the programme design and its intended outcomes and discuss the theoretical processes used to achieve and maximise these outcomes.

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Aaron Lee Noremberg 022063614 BSc Outdoor Recreation Robin Wright Adult Team Building Day Team Building is an active process by which a group of individuals with a common purpose are focused and aligned to achieve a specific task or set of outcomes Rogers et al 67 Contents Page Page 1 : Front page Page 2 : Contents page Page 3 : Introduction Page 4 : Objective Page 5: Psychological aspects Page 6 : Programme assessed Page 7 : Programme assessed cont Page 8 : Appendix A Page 9 : Appendix B Page 10 : Appendix C Page 11 : Appendix D Page 12 : Appendix E Page 13 : Appendix F Page 14 : appendix G Page 15 : Bibliography Page 16 : Refereneces Assignment One- design an outdoor recreation programme for an adult team building day from a local company perspective. Critically evaluate the programme design and its intended outcomes and discuss the theoretical processes used to achieve and maximise these outcomes. Introduction As a student who is studying outdoor recreation I am actively involved in various parts of organisations training days. I have learnt that the experience does not have just extrinsic benefits, but a lot of intrinsic benefits, so I felt that the research that is done in this project will be very rewarding. In this day of new age thinking many successful companies now benefit from motivating their company team. Now more than ever it is vital to create an achievement ethic. Teams building days are an everyday occurrence in the modern world companies, so its important those all that attend gain as much as possible. Team building days, the participants will learn how to be more effective, efficient and achieve results while at the same time having lots of fun. On team building days, the participants will engage all aspects of being. The emotions, the physical demands will guide the person to a different understanding of work ethic. ...read more.


The activity a low success rate as the team must develop good team building skills, if this activity is the first activity of the day, there will not be much success. Activity E- Crossing Lake with Recovery exercise (full details in Appendix G) Most important of all the activities as its aimed in using all the objectives in activities A, B, C and D. This activity summarises the day with a good team building exercise in which every member is heavily involved. There is a lot planning to the exercise, with need for large area to be used. There is big safety element to the exercise as it situated on water; extra staff will be needed (staffing problem) Debrief- A debrief is done after every activity, but at this stage of the team building day this is a chance for all the groups to critically reflect on the day. This will be done in a class session in which the groups would fill out a questionnaire and a spider diagram with discussion with people that ran the activities. This is where the participants can use what they learnt on the day and try and transfer into their workplace so they can increase productivity. Questions that the participants should reflect on are: - * What was done well? * What has done badly? * What would you have changed if you had to do it again? * How can I use what I learnt and put in to work situations? TIME TEAM A B C D 9a.m Brief 10a.m Activity A Activity B Activity C Activity B 11a.m Activity B Activity A Activity D Activity C 12noon Lunch 1p.m Activity C Activity D Activity A Activity D 2p.m Activity D Activity C Activity B Activity A 3p.m Snack Break 3:15p.m Activity E Activity E Activity E Activity E 4p.m Activity E cont Activity E cont Activity E cont Activity E cont 5p.m Debrief 6p.m Finish Finish Finish Finish Appendix A Timetable: ABBA Climbing Corp. ...read more.


Two volleyball net standards 2. Hula hoop 3. Three pieces of 10metre rope 4. Basketball hoop Timing- 10-15 min Procedure- 1. Relay the rules to participants 2. Set time limit 3. Members must stay on tumbling mat 4. Pass participants through hoop. Commentary - The participants must plan well before starting, if not could lead to instant failure (heaviest through first). A lot of trust has to be placed because of lifting. Communication important, talking through the activity essential Variations- 1. The height of the loop can be changed higher or lower to suit certain age, gender and athleticism of participants 2. Bring items through the hole with them , which will increase difficulty, such as a beach balls 3. Make the mat area smaller Appendix G Activity E - Crossing Lake with Retrieving Exercise Summary- Two teams of no more than 16 participants. The teams must make a raft, cross the lake to pick up barrels on the other side and bring them back. All members of the team must have gone to other side and back. The two teams are competing against each other. Objectives- Communication, competition, creative problem solving, Trust building, quality, teamwork, planning versus doing and the joys of being wet (fun) Materials- 1. Four canoes 2. Eight poles 6foot in length 3. Six pieces of 1m rope 4. Twelve barrels 5. Four paddles 6. Buoyancy aids consistent with amount of participants Timing- 60 -90 minutes Procedure- 1. split groups into two teams 2. outline the activity with the rules 3. set time 4. guidance Commentary - two teams must build a raft with the equipment given, they must cross the lake to collect the barrels from the other side, whilst doing this they must get all members of the team to other side and back. Once the barrels and all members are back on the side they started on they must make the tallest tower with the barrels. First one to do it all wins. Variations- 1. Change the amount of barrels , increase or decrease for difficulty 2. Limit the amount poles 3. ...read more.

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