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Design and carry out a training program that will improve various aspects.

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Personal File Sport Chosen. Javelin Name. CHRISTOPHER JOHN MCMANUS Gender. Male D.O.B. 2.11.84 Allergies. Penicillin, Asthma Present Injuries. None Past Injuries. Achilles Tendonitis Broken Wrist Sacroiliac Joint (lower back) Locking Regularly Activities Undertaken. Athletics Football Time Spent On Athletics = 3 sessions between 1 - 2 hrs each Activities. Football = 1 sessions lasting 2hrs Standard. Football = recreation Athletics = I have represented my school, county (Suffolk), region (East Anglia) and been asked to represent my country (Northern Ireland), unfortunately I was injured and unable to take part. Facilities Available. Fortunately the facilities available to me are of a high standard. These facilities include and outdoors running track, school sports hall/gym and a weight training gym. Purpose And Aims I am going to design and carry out a training program that will improve the following: * Improve my general fitness thus improving my quality of life by helping me feel better about myself. * Improve my specific fitness with regard to my chosen sport, javelin. These specific requirements are detailed later. * Improve my performance of my chosen sport, furthermore improving the standard I currently compete at. So that my program becomes successful I must decide when I shall carry out my sessions so that they complement each other, and do not affect my performance in any given session. Therefore reasonable time between each session needs to be taken into consideration. Consequently there will always be at least a day between each training session. Fitness Requirements For Javelin The definition of fitness is best described as the following: '...the successful adaptation to the stressors of one's lifestyle...' (Dick 1989) '...the ability to undertake everyday activities without undue fatigue...' (SPORT & PE, Wesson, Wiggins, Thompson, Hartigan,) Being fit varies from person to person usually depending on what type of person they are and the quantity of physical activity they partake in. For example some people may believe that they are fit because they can walk all the way to town and back whereas more advanced sportspersons may believe that reaching high levels at the multistage fitness test show good fitness levels. ...read more.


But on the other hand are not very short sessions either because the exercises must last long enough to work all the muscles groups. The weights that the exercises are set out as, are what I believe from my previous lessons in the gym to be of a weight that will overload my body, therefore cause progression, but not put my health at risk of lifting too heavier weights. Results Of Fitness Testing These are the results of the fitness tests before the Programme was undertaken, therefore the remaining two columns cannot be completed until the evaluation. Test Score Low Score Average High Score Rating Target Result of retesting Did I improve? Grip dynometer 55kg 50kg 55kg 60kg Average 62kg Vertical jump 56cm 54cm 56cm 58cm Average 51cm Stick drop test 38.5sec 38sec 38.5sec 39sec Good 42.5sec Sit and reach 32cm 30cm 32cm 34cm Good 35cm Performing I have completed all my training session and after each one I filled out a session evaluation sheet. In total I have filled out 9 evaluation sheets, one for every session I completed. Whilst I was carryiing out the exercises I also made sure that I have and instructor close by to offer advice on technique. This stopped me from picking up any bad habits and enabled me to get the most out of training sessions. As planned I carried out a warm up before every session and this usually lasted 35 minutes. The sessions were always carried out in a safe environment and I made sure I always checked the collars on the weights. Personal Exercise Program Evaluation Sheet Training session No 1. Type Of Training: Weight Training Date: Monday 5th November Session I shall warm up for 30 minutes before the session, which will include a 5 minute light jog to increase the pulse rate and warm the muscles up.After the jog I shall stretch for 25 minutes, ensuring that all parts of the body are stretched and held in position for 5 seconds. ...read more.


Because of this I was stretching my muscles and joints more often and naturally improved my flexibility. I have also noticed a big difference in my normal training nights at the athletics track. The distances I am throwing are improving and I'm finding it a lot easier to throw the javelin because: * My flexibility is improved and therefore can get my body into better positions to throw the javelin. * My strength and power have both improved and therefore have more force within myself to throw the javelin I now understand the benefits of weight training and have decided that it would only be sensible for me to continue with my training at the gym. I feel that I have the knowledge to continue setting targets for myself and hopefully with continuous hard work I will reach those standards. There were also benefits from my PEP that were not only physical but also psychological. These include facts such as my motivation and self-esteem. I now feel much more motivated towards my training away from the track because I appreciate the benefits that I will get out of continuing my training. I look forward to my next session with a lot of excitement because I know that I will improve from it. Also my self-esteem has improved because I now feel a lot better about myself and more confident in my own abilities. This motivation helps me a lot because I have this feeling towards not only my weight sessions, but also my technical sessions on club nights. I will continue these sessions for as long as possible and maintain the hard work so as to benefit from them as much as possible. I will also carry on with filling out my evaluation sheets after each session because I find them very helpful when it comes to my following sessions. I hope that in doing this I will one day become a major competitor in the world of athletics. 1 ...read more.

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