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Designing a five week training schedule

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I have been given the task of designing a five week training schedule; I will be required to carry out this training programme in order to achieve full marks. I have to design this training proggramme to improve the level of fitness in a certain sport. The sport I have chosen to base my training proggramme around is football. I have chosen football as my sport to concentrate on because I enjoy playing the sport and it is the main sport that I play. I play Football most weekends for about three hours, but do not play for a local team. I hope that by carrying out my training proggramme I will become fitter and more skilled in Football, therefore joining my local team. This is something that I will hopefully carry out and this training proggramme will not only improve my football skills, but my level of fitness also and therefore being able to participate in many other sports. My present level of fitness is about average, I do play a lot of sport but I am a smoker at present. I play football at break times and lunchtimes for about half an hour each day, also I participate in P.E at school and play football. I always play football on a Saturday afternoon every weekend for approximately three hours I do a lot of walking to peoples houses as well; I think that to improve dramatically I will need to quit smoking, as I would be above average if I did not smoke. ...read more.


A cool down is important because it, gets your body back to normal, lowers your heart rate and breathing, replaces the oxygen debt in your muscles, this gets rid of lactic acid which causes stiffness, gets rid of the extra blood in your body and muscles, sends a message to your brain saying that you do not need as much oxygen. In my warm up and cool down I will include stretches to prevent pulling my muscles; these stretches will include the groin stretch and the hamstring stretch, the quadriceps, the calf and the triceps. 1. Groin stretch: stand with feet shoulder width apart, and lean to one side as far as you can and hold it there. 2. Hamstring stretch: stand with feet shoulder width apart put one foot forward and put your weight on it and hold that position. 3. Quadriceps stretch: stand with feet together and lift one foot with your hand and make your heel touch your gluteus maximus. 4. The calf stretch: stand with feet together and lift at your foot not but not at your knee and hold your foot in that position. 5. Triceps stretch: hold your arm across your body with your other arm and hold it there. Also in my warm up and cool down I will do a jog to get my heart rate up I will gradually gain pace to a sprint but a short distance sprint. ...read more.


week Exercise's Reps/time How I found it! How will I change the amount of reps/time 1. Press ups 7 reps Sit ups 50 reps skipping 2 minutes Step ups 3 minutes Jumping on the spot 2 minutes Chin ups 10 reps Squats with weights 15 reps Shuttle runs 1 minutes Bench press 1 1/2 minutes Sit and reach test 2 try's 2 Press ups 10 reps Sit ups 60 reps Skipping 2 1/2 minutes Step ups 3 1/2 minutes Jumping on the spot 2 1/2 minutes Chin ups 1 1/2 minutes Squats with weights 20 reps Shuttle runs 1 1/2 minutes Bench press 2 minutes Sit and reach test 2 reps 3 Press ups 2 minutes Sit ups 2 minutes skipping 2 minutes Step ups 2 1/2 minutes Jumping on the spot 3 minutes Chin ups 2 minutes Squats with weights 25 reps Shuttle runs 2 minutes Bench press 2 1/2 minutes Sit and reach test 2 reps 4 Press ups 13 reps Sit ups 70 reps skipping 3 minutes Step ups 2 1/2 minutes Jumping on the spot 3 1/2 minutes Chin ups 2 1/2 minutes Squats with weights 30 reps Shuttle runs 2 1/2 minutes Bench press 3 minutes Sit and reach test 2 reps 5 Press ups 15 reps Sit ups 80 reps skipping 3 1/2 minutes Step ups 3 minutes Jumping on the spot 4 minutes Chin ups 3 minutes Squats with weights 35 reps Shuttle runs 3 minutes Bench press 3 1/2 minutes Sit and reach test 2 try's ...read more.

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