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Devise and undertake a 6-week training program to see if I can improve my cardiovascular system.

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P.E Coursework: Personal Exercise Plan (PEP) Iain Millward 11 Becket February 2004 To devise and undertake a 6-week training program to see if I can improve my cardiovascular system. Planning and implementation: I am going to undertake a 6-week training program aimed at improving my cardiovascular fitness. Cardiovascular fitness is the ability to exercise the entire body for long periods of time. The body parts mainly involved are the heart, lungs and circulatory system. The more obvious outward signs of poor cardiovascular performance are things like being out of breath after relatively little exercise and extended recovery time. My cardiovascular fitness will be tested at the start of the training program and at the end of the training program to see if there has been any improvement in my cardiovascular fitness. There are many ways to test cardiovascular fitness. I am going to use the cooper's 12 minute run and the multi stage fitness test, (bleep test). The multi stage fitness test can be used to measure our VO2 max. To measure our VO2 max we perform a number of 20 metre shuttle runs in time to beeps from a pre-recorded tape. After each minute the time interval between beeps gets shorter, so our running speed has to increase. We keep going until we can no-longer keep up with the pace set by the beeps. ...read more.


after exercise 118 BPM Recovery rate 5 mins Comments I will have to push myself harder when on my bike in future Training session running Week No 3 Date 08/08/03 Length of main training activity 33 mins Type of training Long slow continuous Resting heart rate 81 BPM Heart rate immediately after exercise 129 BPM Recovery rate 9 mins Comments I am starting to find the running easier, next week I will run for longer. Training session cycling Week No 3 Date 09/08/03 Length of main training activity 4 hours 25 mins Type of training Free riding Resting heart rate 80 BPM Heart rate immediately after exercise 117 BPM Recovery rate 10 mins Comments I found it easier to stay motivated today because I went up on the moors and did some free riding Conclusions at end of week three This week I stayed out for longer on Wednesday, and I found Monday's training session harder than normal, this means I will have to exercise my legs more. I found Saturday's training session more enjoyable than normal because I was doing something I like more than just long distance riding. (free riding) I have decided, next week I will run for around 45 mins and as a personal goal, I will include some sprints in with the running also. ...read more.


34 30 33 56 27 Cycling 44 39 36 36 40 34 Running 50 48 48 48 50 53 Cycling 43 37 37 29 38 38 The increase in week 5 is due to my hard work during my swimming session. The consistently higher level whilst running may be explained because it is not an activity that I normally do. This graph distinctly shows that I have achieved my goal of better cardiovascular fitness. This is shown by the gradual drop in my resting heart rate over the six weeks. Evaluations and Conclusion As can be seen from my results, my resting heart rate has decreased since the training program began. This proves that I have achieved my goal of trying to improve my cardiovascular system, this is also backed up by the decrease in my recovery rate. This proves that my body is now more efficient at breaking down lactic acid. I have noticed other improvements in my bodily systems also. My leg muscles have increased in mass (bulk) and my upper body strength has increased also. If I were to do this program again I would do it for a longer period and I would also push myself harder from the beginning. My VO2 max at start: 45.2 My VO2 max after six weeks: 48.0 Conclusion: I have improved my VO2 max and so completed my goal of reaching a higher level of cardiovascular fitness. ...read more.

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