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Different athletes diet

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´╗┐Athletes Diet All athletes need nutrition in order to compete at the highest level of their sport, or even to compete at all. In this nutrition energy is needed. Energy is required to maintain body functions such as breathing, muscle contractions, growth and repair. Energy required depends on basal metabolic rate and level of activity. Basal metabolic rate is how fast energy is being used and depends on age, gender and physique. I will be comparing the diets of an endurance athlete (Mo Farah) and a power athlete (Stevan Ridley). Endurance Athlete - Mo Farah Obviously he will need all the basic food groups to help him perform at a high level. ...read more.


He will also need fats. Fats are a concentrated source of energy used as an energy source at rest and during low intensity exercise. Again, this will give Mo the sufficient energy he needs. Some examples of the foods that he could eat would be rice, pasta, potatoes and nuts. Power Athlete - Stevan Ridley A power athlete is an athlete that can perform maximal strength and maximal speed at the same time. A perfect example of this is Stevan Ridley, who is a NFL player for New England Patriots. Again, like Mo he will need all the essentials such as minerals, vitamins and water. As well as these as he is a power athlete he will need a lot of proteins and also some carbohydrates for energy when performing. ...read more.


This will improve his strength and overall power, meaning he can compete to a better ability. Power is a massive part of American football. The foods that Stevan could eat would be things such as pasta, meats, eggs and fish. Differences Obviously there is a difference between the two diets. An endurance athlete needs a lot of carbohydrates and fats whereas the power athlete need a lot of protein to improve their strength. Endurance athlete such as Mo would not need a lot of carbohydrates as their sport is revolved around energy and to get energy they would need the fats and carbohydrates. All in all, both athletes would need carbohydrates to provide them with energy, however the main difference is the demand for the different food group. This would be fats for endurance athletes such as Mo Farah and protein for athletes such as Stevan Ridley. ...read more.

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