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Discuss the differences between skill, ability and technique and explain how you would structure practices to enhance these components of fitness

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Discuss the differences between skill, ability and technique and explain how you would structure practices to enhance these components of fitness In this essay I will discuss how ability, skill and technique are different I will give examples of practices that can be used to enhance these components of fitness. Abilities are underlying factors that influence our skill levels, we have no control over abilities as they are innate. They are building blocks in which we build skill on and can also be referred to as "Sport Vocabulary." We are all born with abilities but before we can become proficient at a sport we must have the ablities that enable us to perform skills that are needed within the sport. ...read more.


In a racket game such as tennis reaction time is important when dealing with fast returns by your opponent. This ability can be trained by having a coach hit balls of different speeds at you, such as they could hit a slow ball then a really fast one. This could also be done individually by hitting the ball against a wall. With an individual activity such as weightlighting strength is very important. This ability can be trained by going to the gym and doing various activity such as squats with weights, bench press and bicep curls. A skill is a learned ability which is goal directed, it is very co-ordinated and controlled as well as being very efficient. ...read more.


To practice long distance passing you can have to players the width of the field from each other passing the ball to each other. These drills will improve passing accuracy aswell as control as the secondary benefit of the drill. At a later stage you can bring in defenders who try to intercept the ball. Technique is associated with skill and ability. Technique is how we execute a skill and how well we perform it in relation to a perfect model. Simply: Skill=Ability+Technique If you think about the definitions of skill and ability you will see that elite athletes need to be born with abilities, which they can use to develop techniques that enable them to perform a skill at the highest level. ...read more.

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