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Does short term exercise have a significant effect on fitness?

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Research question: Does short term exercise have a significant effect on fitness? Hypothesis: No change of fitness will be seen due to short term exercise since the body will not have time to adapt or change. Increase of fitness is something that comes from long term exercise on a regular basis, not from sporadic occasions of exercise. Variables: In this experiment fitness will be measured by measuring pulse beats per minute. The degree of exercise that is done has an effect on the pulse also, not only the fitness of the person doing the exercise. Therefore the same type of exercise will be done each time during the same time period so that the fitness will be isolated as the only cause of change in pulse. To do this, time will be measured so that the pulse is measured with the same time intervals. Material: To measure the pulse a pulse-belt will be used which gives an indication of pulse beats per minute. ...read more.


How good the fitness is can be checked by looking at the resting pulse and at the pulse after some exercise. Another way to measure fitness is to see how fast the body recovers, which is seen from how fast the pulse is decreased when the body is at rest. The running is performed at 5 different occasions during 9 days with one day of resting between the days of running. Data: Pulses Occasion 1 Occasion 2 Occasion 3 Occasion 4 Occasion 5 Resting 85 71 70 66 62 After 15 min of exercise 183 170 173 170 179 After 30 min of exercise 192 183 183 182 188 After 5 min of resting 110 117 107 110 109 Pulses in beats per minute. From this diagram it is clearly seen that the resting pulse steadily decreased during the period of exercise. From 85 beats per minute to 62. Here it can be seen that there was a slight decrease of the pulse after 15 minutes of exercise during the period of the experiment, though at the last occasion the pulse more or less went back to the value it had at the first occasion. ...read more.


Evaluation: The size of this experiment was the one limiting factor. The character of the investigation prevents the time span to be lengthened but it should include more people to give more values. When trying to isolate the fitness of the test subject as the single variable one thing was neglected, the weather. The experiment was done in winter time and the temperature varied between -5 and -15 for the different occasions. Also the amount of snow was varied and the track was not always recently cleared of snow and this did significantly affect how strenuous the exercise was. One possible improvement that could be done would be to do the experiment indoors were the external environment can be kept more constant. It was in the evening that the running was done, but the time between dinner and the running varied. This could cause different results since if the running took place soon after eating the body was digesting and processing the food and less oxygen would be available to the muscles. If the pulse would have been checked more often, maybe for each five minutes, graphs of time vs. pulse of the different occasions could be compared to see changes. ...read more.

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