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Essay on Gym's

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Essay on Gym's Introduction: Leisure is now the largest component of household spending. And it's growing fast. Private equity firms are huge investors in the area. But with fashion as important as fundamentals, the sector is not without its pitfalls. The leisure industry has been riding a roller-coaster for the past two years. In the UK, the foot-and-mouth epidemic of 2001 devastated parts of the attractions market and some pub and hotel groups. And September 11 took a huge toll on international travel and tourism Quote from: http://www.realdeals.eu.com/?ContentChannelID=13&MenuID=5&ArticleID=28060 On the 22/11/2004 The key point is that most leisure industry spending is "discretionary" ? which means it comes out of what's left over after paying for the essentials. A large proportion of the leisure industry - pubs and restaurants, for example - is heavily influenced by fashion. Other parts of the sector, such as home entertainment, are influenced by new technology Two key factors driving the market are the amount of time people spend on leisure pursuits and the income they have available for discretionary spending, according to Professor Peter Taylor. He is director of the Leisure Management Unit at Sheffield University and, along with Professor Chris Gratton of Sheffield Hallam University, the brains behind Leisure Forecasts. I am however going to discuss the differences between: Folkestone Fitness Works at Radnor park avenue Folkestone & The Firs Club at Firs Lane Cheriton Folkestone. And see what is the better Gym a Public Sector Gym or a Private Sector Gym. ...read more.


Ages 6 weeks to pre school. �2.00 per child. Please book in advance Aerobic Workout Classes * Step 'n' Tone - An aerobic Workout Using a Step for a great low impact, Fat Burning Class. * Body Workout / Fit 'n' Fun - A Choreographed energetic workout combining high and low impact moves. * Bums 'n' Tums - An Aerobic workout that concentrates on those hard to tone areas. * Early Riser / Group Cycle - A Super Aerobic Workout of High Cadence Riding in a class like environment. Everyone can ride this bike & all fitness levels can work together. Please bring a towel and water and a reasonable level of fitness is presumed * Stretch + Relaxation - A perfect way to relax + stretch out tired and aching muscles. A good class for rehabilitation. * Yoga - A class concentrating on posture & encourages flexibility, breathing development & relaxation. * New Body - A low impact aerobics class using hand held weights. * Body An indurance class with weights set to motivating music. Each muscle group will be targeted. ( Classes about 1 hr.) * Body PUMP - This session will allow participants to learn the correct techniques for a body pump class. Everyone must attend this class before taking in a full class ( up to 1/2 hr.) FUNCTION ROOMS All function room bookings must be made either in person or by telephone. ...read more.


and the public facility (Folkestone Fitness works) is cheaper than the private that is because the aim of a business in the private sector is to survive by making a profit. This may be a sole-trader working alone, like a newsagent, or thousands of shareholders in a large Public Limited Company. Businesses gain a larger by increasing the sales of their products against competitors. This may involve reducing prices. To win the loyalty of customers and encourage repeat sales, businesses need to be reliable and provide a quality service to their customers. Conclusion: I have concluded that the public facility Folkestone fitness works is better than the Private Facility Folkestone Firs Club because it has all new pressurised equipment that is safer than the older weights and better the Folkestone Fitness Centre is also cheaper to become a member of the Facility and they have a cr�che. As we have seen the typical gym usually consists of * Cardiovascular stations like bikes, rowing machines, treadmills etc... these are normally used for aerobic exercise. These are very expensive and are sometimes computerised. * Free weights like dumbbells etc... these are also used for aerobic exercise and are usually used to build up the body or to develop muscles * Pools there are often small swimming pools at gyms usually used for aerobic swimming but also used for toning and relaxing after a workout. But as I have concluded the public facility (Folkestone Fitness Works) has the expensive and deluxe stuff like all the new electronic cardiovascular machines ?? ?? ?? ?? Chris Slade Unit 1 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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