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Evaluation of P.E. Training Program

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Evaluation of P.E. Training Program From the graph we can see that as the weeks went on the amount of bent knee sit-ups I was able to do in the three-minute time limit increased. This is mainly due to the exercise improving flexibility and also helps with endurance. The first four weeks showed a steady increase, the fifth week was the same as the fourth as this week I did not manage to perform at a better standard than the last. On the whole after the sixth week I was able to do more sit-ups at a better standard than previously. As the graph for the bent knee sit-ups, the sit & reach graph shows a steady increase as the weeks go by and in the same way as the sit-ups graph, my flexibility and endurance skills and not improved much from the fourth week to the fifth. From the first week to the sixth there is quite a large increase in the amount of this type of exercise I could carry out. ...read more.


Juggling a ball to improve co-ordination takes some time to get good at and there are people who can do hundreds at a time. I am not as skilled as that and the final score I managed to reach was good for my standards, it did also show an overall improvement, slightly. In the fifth week I managed to get my personal best score but could not top this in the sixth week, however, the sixth week's total score did show an improvement to the first weeks showing a slight improvement in co-ordination. As an endurance event it can often be hard to improve much for some people as this proved to be the case for me on this activity. The third week had such a high score because I was pushing myself physically and mentally to do the best I could, hoping that the next week I would do the same and beat that score. This was not the case though and I never did quite manage to top that time. ...read more.


Or the events that help improve agility will equip the body better for tasks such as running with the ball. On the whole, coming away from this program I felt much better and was able to achieve goals I set myself with better results because of the improvements to my body and the way it worked. The program helped develop my skills and capabilities in nearly all the ways I had set out to do. However, if I were to do the whole program again changes would be made to help whoever was using the program to get better results. For example, I may change some events such as the station with the four minute jog as it is too long and takes too much energy away from a person for this type of program. The type of thing I would change it for would be an event that also would deal with increasing endurance such as a shorter type of running event or one that tests the muscles more. I believe that I created a good training program and with more development and expansion could be made even better so that it could be used to help people wanting to train themselves. ...read more.

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