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Evaluation of PEP Sessions.

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Evaluation of Sessions Session 1: For my first training session I concentrated on both fitness and football related aspects using the circuit training method. Before I started my training I made sure I warmed up appropriately. I did different cardio vascular warm up exercises included in my warm up sheet and then passively stretched and did different mobility exercises in order to get my body physically ready for exercise and to avoid any possible injuries that can occur when going into a intensive training session. I started off my training at an average level of intensity by setting out a circuit of 10 different activities (see diagram). The different fitness exercises included shuttle runs to improve my sprinting, tricep dips to improve my strength in my arms, dribbling around cones- to improve my footwork technique and agility skills, skipping for cardiovascular exercise, heading the ball to improve my heading style, step ups for cardiovascular endurance, squat thrusts for strength in the legs and toning, sit ups for abdominal strengthening and press ups for strengthening of the upper body. All these combine to give me a good overall fitness related work out. I did this circuit once and was on each station for each 30 seconds. I decided to give myself a short recovery period of 10 seconds because I feel its important to push myself to the highest demands at all times as this will make you fitter over time. Once I had completed my training session I did a cool down to loosen my muscles up to avoid stiffness and to remove any possible lactic acid. I did a slow jog, side steps, high knees and bounding, followed by a slow walk and stretching and mobility exercise. Evaluation: I felt for my first session this went pretty well and I enjoyed it. I feel how ever that I didn't push myself hard enough and could have done longer on each station or even done another circuit in order to improve my fitness. ...read more.


I recorded my results so I could compare my results for the first circuit with the second circuit. I found that although on the second circuit I didn't have as much energy I was still able to do better on the second circuit because I pushed myself to the max to improve and to meet my goal of doing better- this is a good method for training, because if your just training at any pace then you could feel like there is no need to train hard and so wont improve in anyway. Here are a table of my results for my 1st and 2nd circuits: Exercise Reps (1st circuit) Reps (2nd circuit) Shuttle runs 10 shuttles 11 shuttles Sit ups 35 42 Press Ups 8 11 Squat Thrusts 48 52 Skipping 128 142 Steps Up 56 68 Tricep Dips 35 42 Star Jumps 78 84 Agility Run 6 7 Evaluation: It is clear to see that I have improved on the 2nd circuit because I pushed myself harder to improve and reach my goal of doing better the second time. This shows that fitness is improved not only by training but a lot is improved because of motivation towards the cause. This is certainly the case here. I think for my next training session I will try to do the same thing again but I will train for 1min 10 seconds doing two circuits again and see if I can still improve on the second time. Session 6: This was another good training session for me again as I worked very hard for the stated time and was happy that again I improved on the 2nd circuit as I am always looking to do better all the time. I felt that my levels that I stated of doing 1 minute 10 seconds for each station was a good level to set my standards at but I still feel I can do better as I am getting fitter all the time I feel and I know I can train for longer. ...read more.


I will go on each station for 2 minutes again next week however I will do the circuit 3 times using the same circuit as I did this week- this should show how fit I am and how well I have come on from the previous weeks. Session 10 For the last week of my PEP I decided to push myself to the limits to see how much I was capable of. I had to ensure the warm up was effective and that it would stop me from getting any injuries because if this was to happen in the last session of training, it would be a big blow, as my body would suffer as I wouldn't be able to carry on with any training after so all my hard work would suffer. So once I did my full warm up, with stretches and mobility exercises I went straight into my training ensuring all equipment was safely in place. I then did my skill related and fitness related tasks all 2 minutes each only having a 10 second rest until I went straight on to the next one. I did the circuit three times only allowing a 5 minute rest after each session then I was straight back into the session. I was fully focused on the task in hand and my determination got me through as it was a tough session but I could see I was a fitter person and that the overload was a good thing to increase my level of fitness and make me a good overall performer in football. Overall I felt the session went as good as I could have hoped, I worked for the full time I allocated and although I was very tired by the end of the session I ensured I did my warm down to stop aching the next day because of any built up lactic acid that may be in my muscles, so I did my usual routine of doing a few jogging exercises and stretches etc. Katherine Griffiths Personal Exercise Programme(PEP) ...read more.

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