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Analysis of the lay up in basketball

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Name: Jennifer Piggott Class: HND Sports Coaching class "A" Topic: Analysis of the lay up in basketball CONTENTS Introduction Mechanics of the skill Observation Checklist Comparisons of my client and a model performer Action Plan for areas to improve Session Plan References Introduction The lay-up shot is one of the most commonly used techniques and you don't have to be 6 feet tall to find the net. Step 1 The overall aim of the lay-up is to drive towards the basket and score off the backboard. Dribbling to the net from the side of the court should give you the space needed to make the jump. Step 2 Transfer all your weight onto the front leg. If you are right-handed this will be your left leg or if you are left-handed it will be your right leg. Bending the knee will help provide the spring needed. Step 3 Launch yourself off your forward leg, and thrust your arms upwards towards the net to prepare for the shot. ...read more.


Angle of release also comes into this because you have to release the ball at its highest point in the jump, this means your hands should be above eye level. Comparisons Client and Model Performer My performer when I first tested him when performing the lay-up whilst he was in the air about to release the ball seem to swivel so when he was throwing the ball it wasn't going where it was intended and wasn't very accurate. Model Performers such as Michael Jordan do fancy lay-ups which include a swivel in it but there shots are precise and accurate. My client didn't generate enough force from his legs which should enable him to push of the ground like a spring so this is harder to raise the centre of gravity therefore my client doesn't have long in the air so the shot has to be rushed hence the reason for less amount of shots going in the basket. Whereas the likes of Michael Jordan know they have to generate effective force in his muscles so he can make more baskets and score more points for his team. ...read more.


The biggest change was the body position. Once I broke the skill down and showed my client what he was doing and how to make it better more lay-ups were made than the first test. I also showed were the ball should be placed against the backboard which gives a bigger percentage of the ball going in the basket. Once my client slowed down the skill he found that he had more time to put the ball up in the air and also stay in the air longer. By making this better the shots are more accurate and precise. Evaluation This shows that to complete a skill such as a lay-up you have to be able to do various biomechanically features such as transfer of weight, centre of gravity, force of muscle application etc. Michael Jordan shows that if you use these biomechanics features effectively then it will pay off and you will make a lot more accurate lay-ups. The observation sheet helps you to find the strengths and weaknesses of your client to make up an effective session to help them to improve on their weaknesses. ...read more.

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