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PE skills

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Over the next three months I aim to set myself three realistic goals to help me improve in Table Tennis. One of these goals will be fitness related, skill related and the other will focus on consistency of technique on a stroke. Time scale Goal Test 12 weeks Improve on my aerobic fitness to increase Muscular endurance, energy level and blood supply to heart and muscles. I will do a multi-stage fitness test before and after and therefore will see if an improvement is made or not. 7 weeks To improve my agility as it will enable me to change body position quickly. This will enable me to change between strokes quickly and efficiently. ...read more.


Aerobic fitness is important in table tennis as it will enable me to last between each point and each end without getting very tired and will help me play those last points to finish off the match. To improve my aerobic fitness (first goal) I aim to: * Increase the amount of aerobic activities I do including increase in the amount of walking, running, jogging, bicycling and swimming that I do within the 12 weeks * Increase the intensity of which I work at and will hope to do vigorous activity that enables me to work at 70% or more of my heart rate. This will be done by visiting the gym once a week. ...read more.


This will require me to play a backhand flick followed by a backhand and thereafter a forehand and then a forehand flick. This will require me to move into four different positions. I will do this for 15 minutes each session To improve the consistency of my forehand (third goal) is a very difficult concept and requires a lot of effort. There are five major forehand concepts I will need to work on. Firstly improving the consistency of: * playing the forehand off a chopped ball (Forehand loop) * playing the forehand off a topspin ball * playing the forehand off a block * playing a forehand on the backhand wing * placing all the above strokes in a variety of positions These strokes can all be considered different strokes within themselves. I will aim to improve them by doing 100 balls of multiball for each of the strokes at least once a week. ...read more.

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