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Exercise Plan for a footballer.

Extracts from this document...


My Personal Exercise Plan By Personal Details Name - Gavin Thompson Age - 16 Gender - Male Height - 1.69m Weight - 51kg Health problems or injuries - None Activities undertaken - Football. Currently I play for a local club, Keinton Mandeville. Facilities available - Gym with weight machines and cardiovascular fitness equipment My aims of the programme - My main aim for the training programme is to improve my muscular strength and so to do this I will base the majority of my training on weight training. There isn't a specific muscle group that I would like to improve the strength of so my focus will be to improve all round muscular strength. I would also like to get back to a good fitness level after the summer holidays and so I will do some cardiovascular work on the running, cycling and rowing machines. This will also help to break up my training sessions and reduce boredom. Fitness test results (September 2002) Fitness Test Result Multistage fitness test Level 10.1 Back dynamometer 109kg Broad jump 224cm Sergeant jump 51cm Medicine ball throw 2.2m Sit and reach 34cm 1 minute maximum sit up test 34 1 minute maximum press up test 30 20m sprint test 3.44seconds 30m power test 95% 1 repetition maximum - Chest press 90kg 1 repetition maximum - Shoulder press 40kg 1 repetition maximum - Leg press 140kg 1 repetition maximum - Leg extension 90kg 1 repetition maximum - Butterfly 45kg 1 repetition maximum - Leg curl 65kg 1 repetition maximum - Seated lever row 100kg (maximum for equipment) Fitness Tests One Repetition Maximum Tests This is a popular way of measuring isotonic muscle strength. It is a measure of the maximal force a person can lift with one repetition. The person chooses subsequent weights until they can't repeat one full and correct lift of that weight. These tests are specific to the equipment and the techniques used so are good for test-retest measures. ...read more.


The weights, number of repetitions and the recovery time between the sets were all fine except for the leg press, which I will have to make alterations for in my next session. Overall I found the session was really good, the workload was just right. Considerations For Next Session There are a number of changes that I will have to make for my next training session, these are: * Leg press - I found 80Kg much to easy, so for the next session I will put the weight up to 100Kg. * Cycling - Gear 8 was slightly too easy so I will try gear 10 in my next session. * Rowing machine - I found that level 5 was much too easy so I will row on level 10 next time. I will still row the same distance though. Session 2 Training Programme Running (treadmill) - 3 minutes - 8mph Warm Stretch and mobility up Butterfly - 30Kg - 3 sets of 10 reps - 45 seconds recovery between sets Leg extension - 52.5Kg - 3 sets of 10 reps - 45 seconds recovery between sets Chest press 52.5Kg - 3 sets of 10 reps - 45 seconds recovery between sets Cycling - 10 minutes - 10km/h - gear 10 Leg press - 100Kg - 3 sets of 10 reps - 45 seconds recovery between sets Seated lever row - 60Kg - 3 sets of 10 reps - 45 seconds recovery between sets Rowing - level 10 - 500m Leg curl - 40Kg - 3 sets of 10 reps - 45 seconds recovery between sets Shoulder press - 25Kg - 3 sets of 10 reps - 45 seconds recovery between sets Running (treadmill) - 1.5 minutes - 8mph, 45 seconds - 7mph, 45 seconds - 6mph Stretch and mobility Evaluation Of Session This session was better than session1 because the weights and difficulty of everything was just right. ...read more.


I always made sure that I used the correct techniques on the weight machines. I also made sure I never became dehydrated by always having a bottle of water near me. I feel that I performed well during the sessions and that I always incorporated the principles of training in to my training sessions. The training was specific to my requirements and this shows in my retests and in my general fitness levels. I made sure that I include overload so the training was hard enough for progression to happen. I also trained regularly so that reversibility would not happen. To ensure this still doesn't happen I will carry on doing training sessions using my training programme. I found the evaluation of each individual session really useful as it allowed me to consider problems and plan changes for my next session. As I continue to do this training session I will also carry on evaluating my sessions in the same way so that I can keep progressing. I have also started to evaluate my performances in football matches that I play in a similar way and this will hopefully help my future performances. To improve my training programme I could my motivation levels, this would really help my performances and this would help speed up my progression. I could also add in some more cardiovascular work, I could do some more running instead of just running in my warm up and cool down. As well as running I could do more cycling and/or rowing. These activities would help raise the fitness levels of my cardiovascular system, which in turn could help my weight training due to increased oxygen intake and supply to my muscles. When I do some more training sessions in the future I will incorporate these changes, using more cardiovascular training. Instead of using the treadmill just for the warm up and cool down I will do 10 minutes at a higher speed. I will also have two periods on the rowing machine and two periods on the cycling machine. These will be separated by the weights. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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