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Explaining fitness requirements for achieving excellence in cheerleading

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Aime Grieve 17th October M1 Explaining fitness requirements for achieving excellence in cheerleading Power Balance Flexibility Muscular strength Aerobic endurance Power is calculated in the following way, strength X speed. If you have both components you will perform with power. In cheerleading you will need power because you will have to jump loads when performing a routine. If you have no power you won't be able you jump high enough for people to catch you or throw you in the air. You also need power when you're the one throwing someone in the air because if you cant throw them high enough it may interfere with the routine and may not be able to execute a move to a high standard. ...read more.


<--ARABESQUE Flexibility is having an adequate range of motion in all joints of the body. It is the ability to move a joint through its complete range of movement. When performing cheerleading you may have to do some challenging moves using extreme flexibility. When executing the splits for example if its not done correctly it will look poor and untidy, if you try and push your muscles to much you may pull one, so stretching frequently helps improve your flexibility. Also when being thrown in the air you may be asked to perform a pike, if you have no flexibility you will not be able to do this as it requires a lot of flexibility in your back and hamstrings. ...read more.


component you will not be able to hold it and won't be able to perform to following move as your muscles ache. <--SCORPION Aerobic endurance is the ability of the cardio-respiratory system to efficiently supply nutrients and oxygen to working muscles during sustained physical activity. Cheerleading needs this component because you are moving constantly in a routine, if you run out of energy you will slow down and make your routine look sloppy and effortless. In cheerleading you need to look crisp and on the point. When catching people, if you have no energy and you're out of breath, you will not be able to catch them. If you drop them they will hurt themselves and it would be your fault if they cannot train. ...read more.

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