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Explanation of Training Program

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Explanation of Training Program The training program I have designed is set up in such a fashion that not only will lead to better fitness if the activities are carried out efficiently but will also allow anyone undergoing the program to warm themselves up whilst doing the program just before going into more testing exercises before warming down again with simpler tasks that should suit the body. STATIONS 1&2 The first two activities are ones that do not require any vigorous activity. If done correctly they are steady exercises that build up strength, endurance and improve flexibility. Whilst doing these the muscles will warm up and will be ready for more challenging events. The first six activities are all examples of physical fitness. ...read more.


This activity will be carried out for approximately 4-5 minutes and after this event there will be a two and a half minute break to allow the breathing rate and heart rate to resume to normal levels. STATION 4 Activity four is a vertical jumping exercise that improves explosive strength and will allow me to jump higher with practice. These will last for two minutes. STATION 5 This is a thirty meter sprint that will improve speed. This is the last of any activities that could prove to be more tiring and another two-minute rest will take place. STATION 6 Station six is a step test that will improve cardio-vascular endurance which is very important in any sport as a high level of endurance means people can perform better for longer. ...read more.


STATION 9 With the activities getting less tasking as the programme goes on the ninth station is no different. It is another way of improving explosive strength and will also help me to be able to jump further forwards. The activity is standing broad jumping and it will last for 3 minutes. STATION 10 The tenth and final station is a task that requires me to try to balance along a beam. It is a type of motor fitness that should improve balance and co-ordination. The training program is then completed after the tenth station. The events selected all help to improve parts of fitness essential to football players no matter what position they play. The order of events was also selected specifically in a way that it is hoped will be more efficient and beneficial to those undergoing this particular program. ...read more.

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