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Fitness Assignment

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Exercise is the series movement that a human does for the sake of training or improvement of health. Everyone has different effects to the exercise they are doing, even if they are doing the same thing. There are many benefits that you may achieve doing regular, consistent aerobic, resistance, and flexibility exercise. Exercise improves many things in our body. The benefits are essential and well needed to our body, so it can perform its regular bodily function without any problems. Some benefits would be flexibility, cardiovascular & cardio respiratory function, functioning of our immune system, strength of muscles and tendons, skin tone, making our skin look more elastic, sleep patterns, self-esteem and a greater sense of self-reliance and self-confidence, ability to relax personal satisfaction and self-image, perceptions of acceptance by others, productivity, and last but not least, overall quality of life. ...read more.


Exercise also reduces, risk for osteoporosis in females and males, depression and anxiety, frustration with daily problems. Lastly exercise allows for a more constructive response to disappointments and failures There are many more benefits that exercise gives to the body. These benefits that exercise gives to the body are heavily important to the body. Exercise is very, very much needed to the body and without it the body would most likely not function properly and the human may end up with many problems. More benefits that exercise gives to the body is that it prevents/helps control high blood pressure, prevents/helps control high cholesterol, builds and maintains healthy bones, muscles, and joints, promotes a younger and healthier body, helps us manage stress more effectively, and provides an easy way ...read more.


Some other aerobic activities that I can do by using the F.I.T formula are (these are also activities combining upper and lower body movements) cross-country skiing, rowing, and swimming. Using the F.I.T. formula will help us meet our fitness goal. Frequency is the number of days we work out each week. I will probably vary my routine from day to day. Intensity means how much energy we use when we workout. The easy way to determine the intensity of my workout is if I will be able to talk when I am moving at the right pace. Time (duration) is how long each workout lasts. I will begin my exercise at a small time and make my way up to my fullest extent, depending on my capability of exercise of each session. Nutrition Assessment Mohammed Umar Tinwala Professor: Dr. Genova Date: May-05-07 ...read more.

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