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Fitness Profile

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By. Peter Lee 10 J Brisbane Adventist College Fitness Test Fitness Components Results 16 year old male R P A E 40m Sprints (Seconds) Speed 6.35 7.0 or more 6.9 ~ 0.1 6.2 ~ 5.8 5.7 or less Beep Test Aerobic Capacity 10-1 N/A N/A N/A N/A BMI Body Composition 19.57 N/A N/A N/A N/A Grip Strength (Score) Strength 41 Less than 39 40 ~ 45 46 ~ 55 56 or more Alternating hand wall toss Coordination 31 22 or less 23 ~ 26 27 ~ 32 33 or more Shuttle Run (Seconds) Agility 10.21 11.8 or more 11.7 ~ 11.4 11.3 ~ 10.7 10.6 or less Stork Stand (Seconds) Balance 60 19 or less 20 ~ 29 30 ~ 59 60 or more Push-up Strength and muscular endurance 23 15 or less 16 ~ 18 19 ~ 22 23 or more Stand long jump (cm) Strength /Power 241cm 181 or less 182 ~ 196 197 ~ 212 213 or more Sit - and - reach (cm) Flexibility 5.2cm 5 or less 6 ~ 10 11 ~ 15 16 or more Sit-ups Strength and muscular endurance 53 33 or less 34 ~ 36 37 ~ 41 42 or more R = Risky/ P = Problem Area / A = Advance ...read more.


Repeat, pulling your right leg toward your chest. 3. Lie on your back, lift your leg up toward a 90 angle at the thigh joint. Keep the low back flat against the floor during the stretch. Hold stretch for 15-20 seconds. Do both legs. 4. Next, straighten your right leg and with your right hand. Pull your bent leg up and over your other leg as shown in the drawing above. Make sure that both of your shoulders and your head are on the floor, turn your head to look toward your left. Now with your other hand on your thigh, control the stretch in your lower back and butt muscles by pulling your upper leg down toward the floor. Repeat the stretch to your other side. Hold stretch for 20-30 seconds, each side. 5. Straighten out your arms and legs. Point your fingers and toes as you stretch as far as you can. Stretch and then relax. This is a good stretch for the entire body. Hold for 5 seconds. 6. Put the soles of your feet together with your heels a comfortable distance from your groin. Now, with your hands around your feet, slowly pull yourself forward until you feel an easy stretch in your groin. ...read more.


3 X 200m 5 X 100m 10 X 50m Intervals: 4 X 200m 6 X 100m 10 X 50m Intervals: 4 X 200m 7 X 100m 10 X 50m Friday Jog 15min Aerobics Aerobics Weights Aerobics Weight Swimming Weight Swimming Aerobics Swimming Sunday Aerobics Weight Jog 15mins Aerobics Jog 15mins Aerobics Jog 15mins Aerobics Weight Aerobics Jog 15mins Weight For my best fitness tests are shuttle run, stand long jump and stork stand. In addition, my worst fitness tests are sit-and-reach, grip strength and 40m sprints. The reason that I am good at shuttle run, stand long jump and stork stand, because my ability of agility, balance and strength/power. However, there are many problems with strength, speed and flexibility. To improve my worst tests, it required to do the development program above. To improve flexibility, I need to do stretching, and to improve speed, I need to run many times to improve my records and finally to improve my strength, exercise on the horizontal bar is good for improve our strength. As I do stretching above, it makes my body more flexible. Some of the stretches were good for lengthening our height and length of arms. When we do stretching, it makes our body more flexible and good for growing up. ...read more.

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