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Fitness program

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Davie Webb fitness program To work on you fitness, you first need to know and understand the aspects of it so it's clear what you need to do to improve it. Being fit is central to our health and to our sense of well-being. Health and fitness mean so much more than just the absence of illness. If we are healthy and fit then physical, mental and social and spiritual aspects of our lives are working well together. Fitness is crucial to success in sport. It is essential for us to look at the particular demands of our sport and identify in what ways we need to develop our fitness. For me personally to be fit, I think I only need to improve on my physical fitness because I am in good health,: * I Eat sensibly * I Take regular exercise * I Get enough rest and sleep. * I have a limited intake of alcohol. * I don't smoke tobacco or any other social drugs. * I have a high resilience in coping with stress. Physical fitness is what I need to improve, but what is it? Physical fitness is the ability of our body to carry out everyday activities with little fatigue and with enough energy left for emergencies. ...read more.


Our bodies can become just as easily unfit as they can fit. This means to maintain fitness we need to work hard at the right level all of the time. If we stop our bodies will get used to the less stress thus becoming unfit. What is tedium? Tedium should be avoided in all training programs. We need so keep our enthusiasm by using different training methods. Along with this we should use a range of different surfaces to reduce risk of injury. Planning a training program Frequency Intensity Time Type When planning a fitness program we should arrange to- * Train frequently so body can adapt. * Work intensively (harder) than normal to make sure body systems adapt. * Train for longer period of time, making sessions longer and longer. * Develop the right type of fitness and skills we need for our sport that we wish to get fit for. What should we put in our individual training sessions? We should divide our training sessions into four phases: 1. Warm up 2. Fitness 3. Skill development 4. Warm down Warm up Warm up should include: * A period of gentle exercise using the whole body, for example jogging. ...read more.


* I could have introduced more friends also to take away the currently limited tedium. If I was going to extend my program I would: * Use more techniques to improve. * Do more skipping through cones and changing pace by accelerating off and slowing back down. * Used more of a ball in my training because it was aimed to improve my football including my dribbling and I don't think that I did enough dribbling skills. * Set goals to achieve in a certain space of time. * Tested myself half way through or even on numerous occasions to test how I am doing and push me to improve if I'm not reaching my goals. Conclusion I think that my program was successful considering time I had and facilities. I followed the principles of training as well as I could and it paid off. I have noticed a difference in my game when it comes to agility. I feel more comfortable on and off the ball. Part of this I think is because I know I have improved so I'm more confident in my ability. I have enjoyed doing the training program and I think will do one in my own personal time to improve other aspects of my game at a later stage while still doing regular agility training so my fitness doesn't tire. ...read more.

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