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Fitness testing Here are some fitness tests which I asked my two players to do.

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Fitness testing Here are some fitness tests which I asked my two players to do. The first test is the beep test. Test Description Advantages Disadvantages Beep test Run tape. Put two cones 20 metres apart . The aim is to successfully complete a run from one end of the pitch to the other is the given beeps. It accurately tells you your fitness level and it may also improve your fitness level if done regularly. Comparisons can be made Limited equipment required The beep test is boring and tiring. The two players would become bored before they would feel any pain. This would only measure somebodys running ability. The second test is the shuttle run Test Description Advantages Disadvantages Shuttle run Players line up on the 20 m mark and then run at different speed at different times. This is really difficult fitness test. It is more interesting and fun to do. A lot of people can do this test at the same time. Very little equipment is required. ...read more.


Not 100% accurate with a stopwatch and shouting ,'go'. Surface /floor conditions have a great affect on the time. Test Description Advantages Disadvantages 1 rep max test This is a popular way of measuring muscle strength .It is a measure of the maximal weight a subject can lift with one repetition. It is important to reach the maximum weight without prior fatiguing the muscles. After a warm up, chose a weight that is achievable. Then after a rest of at least several minutes, increase the weight and try again. Equipment are available in the gym. Doesn't a great amount of time to do. Easily measurable Technique is really important when working with weights. Test Description Advantages Disadvantages Sit and reach test You have to sit down with both legs flat onto the floor and feet against the sit and reach box. Then you have to stretch arms forward and push the curser as far as possible. ...read more.


Touch pads would also be useful so it is clear that a person has touched a pad and it is more fair. Illonois agility test. This is similar to the shuttle run . Touch pads will be very useful when dong this so there is no cheating. 1 Rep max. There aren't a lot of ways to improve this . For example, technique is vital and this must be good before even trying the test. A warm up must be done to insure that there are no pulled muscles. The athlete must strech his arm out fully or legs. Sit and reach test. Touch pad can also be used to imrove this test. There must also be barriers to ensure that the feet are secure so there is no cheating and that the test is fair. Vertical jump I will try to make this specific to a sport. For example in basketball theb personb can jump onto a backboard or in football there could be a football hanging of the roof and the player must try to head the ball. ...read more.

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