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Purpose /Aim of the personal exercise plan: My task is to plan and perform a personal exercise programme for a certain time for which I have chosen to be is once a week in six weeks. The circuit will helping to improve a beginners fitness in football, These are the aims/ goals that I would like to have achieved after this personal exercise plan has been completed. * Improve overall performance in football. * Raise standard from a school player to county or national. * To develop new skills and techniques. The circuit I have to complete has many advantages. It only requires little space as there is not any equipment being used except for a pull up bar. Which is approximately 6ft high. The circuit will begin with a warm up and the circuit will follow with a warm down. This is very important in the circuit and any other activity or sport. This reason being it prepares us physically and mentally. The circuit I have concentrates on certain parts and muscles of the body in which a player in football depends on. ...read more.


decrease by 5 seconds each week , this reason being the player will be more fitter and would not rest as much. Also by doing this it will be more challenging. The player will carry out this circuit once a week for six weeks. The circuit will mainly concentrate on the arm and leg muscles because they are mainly needed for a defender in football. They also need good pectorals because of their power they need to be stronger than the striker. So if they are coming to you running fast and you try to take the ball of them and they are more stronger, then the impact will go on you then you would fall down and they would score. The circuit will begin with a warm up [as in any other sport]. There will be 3 stages to my warm up this reason being when your working on a circuit a lot muscles are being used to prevent injury I will have to do warm up thoroughly. 1. The First stage is to get my heart beat going. This is called a pulse raiser. ...read more.


from training *Increase last week results: seeing figures that show their performance making sure your program works Planning, performing, monitoring and appraisal :- The activities were placed in a certain order within the programme so lactic acid can be removed from muscles not being worked and also so the circuit does not become unexciting because he same muscles are being worked on. The order I had chosen to start of working the legs, then arms and then the abdominals. In this circuit I used the application of the principles of training by this I mean I progressed through out the training sessions, I overloaded the training by this I mean I made the circuit harder which was done by decreasing the rest time so my muscles work harder. The exercises were also specific to a players needs, the circuit was laid out in a specific order to stop tediousness and also the training was carried out every week to stop reversibility. If I were to carry on with this program I would look at changing the circuit to stop it become boring, because once its boring people will chose not to carry out the training. Personal Exercise Plan for a Football Player Page ...read more.

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