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Football - The fitness training project is about me as an individual performing a circuit with different exercises all relating to one sport which I have chosen to do.

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Introduction- The fitness training project is about me as an individual performing a circuit with different exercises all relating to one sport which I have chosen to do. The circuit training is done over a five week period and I have to record my results and any progress or difficulties I have stumbled across. The sport I have chosen to use for my circuit training is football for a number of different reasons. I enjoy playing football and I seem to have a natural interest for the sport. I have been playing football for a long time and I have seemed to have mastered a few techniques. Fitness is the ability to meet demands of the environment. There are two different types of fitness, general and specific. I am going to explain both types of fitness in more detail. It is important that you are fit rather than unfit, if you are fit you can cope with the demands and the activities without getting too worn out. General fitness relates to everyday use of your body. There are several different aspects. Stamina or endurance - this is the ability of the body to keep on going without getting too tired. It is made up of Cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. The two are related because your muscles will fatigue easily if they do not receive enough sufficient oxygen. Strength, flexibility and speed are also the other aspects of general fitness. General fitness keeps you healthy and it prevents accidents from occurring. We all require a minimum level of general fitness, to cope with the demands of everyday life. In some areas of sport specific fitness is required where there is more skill involved. Ice skating is a sport where more skill is involved. These different aspects build up specific fitness. Power, agility, balance, co-ordination, speed of reaction and timing. The circuit will help in different ways, to get me prepared to play football, and build my endurance and stamina. ...read more.


It would also help me increase my accuracy and skill towards football. Current fit level- My age is 15, height approximately 5ft 5 inch and my weight is 12lb.I am not a very fit person at this precise moment, but I am relying on the circuit training and my determination to get fitter before the five week period ends. In five weeks time I would like to see myself doing sit ups without much difficulty. I would also liked to have increased my skill at football and I should have lost some weight or got fitter. What is circuit training- Circuit training consists of what I think would be necessary exercise relating to my sport. In my circuit there are six different stations, where I will be performing different exercises. It is vital that you progress each time you perform an exercise at a station. This is because it increases your level of self confidence and you know you can reach a realistic target, which you have set for yourself, and it can meet your own demands. There is no point of setting yourself a target in competition with a world champion because you have to work at your own speed and intensity. It is also vital that you progress so your level of fitness keeps on rising, or it will drop and the circuit would be a failure. A circuit is mainly judged my reps, this is because you are given a certain time in this case 1min. In this time you have to perform an exercise and try and do as many reps as you can, pushing your body to the limit. Then the next time you perform the circuit you will have set yourself a target to beat your old score in the same allotted time. So you would have to work even harder to reach your goal. The advantages of circuit training are that it can make you fitter if you do it properly. ...read more.


My technique was simple because I gave every week and every station 100% and I tried to succeed each time. Overall evaluation- I enjoyed doing the circuit training a lot, because it raised my self confidence and I know now how to perform exercises which before I thought were impossible for myself. If I was to do the circuit training again I wouldn't change anything. This is because the exercises were a challenge for me and something new and I enjoyed doing them. Between week 2 difficulty. I had thought I and week 3 the progressions were not very high, and this posed a bit of a problem. For the good progressions I had given it all I had, so there is no reason why I shouldn't be pleased with myself. I mastered squat thrusts and the sit ups as I said before I didn't really know how to do them, or I hadn't attempted the exercise in a long time. I think over the five week period I have got fitter, but I want to keep it up and get more fitter. So I have decided that I am going to do circuit training in my own time because I like it so much. For the warm up I quickly jogged on the spot to get the circulation flowing faster. I also wanted to get my muscles warmed up so they became more flexible so I wouldn't be risking a greater chance of injury. For the cool down I just stretched for a while and breathed in deeply. This also helped loosen my muscles and prevent stiffness. If I compare week one to week 5 I can see I made a vast improvement, and I am pleased with the results I have achieved because I am not a very active person, and I don't like exercise. I have become fitter than when I started out and I have gained more confidence. Mohammed Rafiq Page 1 Of 8 ...read more.

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