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For my As level physical education Personal Performance Portfolio I have been asked to design a six-week training program for a sport of my choice from the syllabus.

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Introduction For my As level physical education Personal Performance Portfolio I have been asked to design a six-week training program for a sport of my choice from the syllabus. I am going to study football, as this is the sport I am most comfortable with. I feel that if I investigate a sport I know a bit about I will be able to contribute more in the way of information for that particular sport. Most people in sport have their good points and bad points; I am a winger when I play so my best asset is my crossing of the ball. However I am also an excellent passer and I always put one hundred percent effort in to my challenges. I have also been let down this season though. This is because I have had a lot of injuries and have been unable to play to the best of my ability; it has affected my pace when running down the wing in the process. Throughout this six-week training program I wish to improve the fitness aspect of my game as well as my sprinting speed, as I need to do this to try and become a more complete player. I will then be able to compete at a higher level than I was previously. I am a very sporty person and I am involved in club football for Tornadoes FC, I play at left full back most of the time. I used to play on the left wing but injury troubles decreased my fitness levels so I was no longer able to cope with the high level of the games played. I am also a member of the college team; I am on the fringes of the team at the moment as more injury troubles have kept me out of action for almost 9 weeks. I also take part in the college PE lessons when my state of fitness allows me. ...read more.


I could do this by jogging around the football pitch twice to raise my pulse. I will now stretch off. I will start off with a quadricep stretch by lifting my leg up to my buttocks and holding it there for 15 seconds, I will repeat this for the other leg. I will now do a groin stretch by leaning with my leg down to one side until I can feel the stretch, I will repeat this for the other side. I will then do a hamstring stretch by locking my arms under my legs, while leaning to one side, and straightening my front leg until the stretch can be felt, I will repeat this on the other leg. Finally I will stretch my gastrocnemius by putting my leg on the floor in front of me with the toes facing up and straighten the leg until I feel the stretch, I will repeat this for both legs. I do not need too much work on my upper body as that is not used much in football, however I will stretch my back muscles as well as my triceps, as I have had injury troubles with it. Finally I will do some skill work. Start Ten press-ups 10 sit-ups 10 squat thrusts 10 burpees 10 star jumps 10 kick-ups For this exercise I must sprint to the cone, do the exercise stated at this cone, and run back to the start and repeat, only going to the next cone up. This would usually be done in teams as it raises the competitiveness of the training meaning you can get more out of the players. Other exercises could follow this such as passing to other people round the center circle and moving into the position the pass was made. This will improve my passing and moving. Now I will design my six-week training program. The Training Day/time of day 10:00-12:00 1:00-3:00 4:00-5:00 5:00-6:00 Day 1 Warm up Fitness training Circuit training Circuit training Day 2 Warm ...read more.


The fitness training did not take place due to bad weather but the results I have shown in my table are the possible results I could get going at different paces. The weight training went very well as before I was very skinny and weak in my arms and have now got muscle to show for my work, I have become a lot stronger. During week four my results decrease, the reason for this is I had a cold that week and was unable to perform to my full potential, as my results show. I found the circuit to be very intense and tiring, but very effective as my circuit tested all the areas I wanted it to. I was very tired though after completing each week of the program, my muscles were aching and my heart and breathing rate had increased drastically. If I were to perform the circuit program again I would start by having a recovery time between each station; also I would make the exercise time slightly less at the beginning of the program so I could get use to doing the exercises gradually. Although I had improved during the six-week period I had only improved slightly, so if I were repeating this program I would make it last 12 weeks so improvements could be seen more easily. Once the training becomes to easy I would have to make it harder to affect plateauing. If the circuit is not made harder the body will stop improving in the areas of muscular endurance and anaerobic respiration. The body must also train to prevent reversibility. This is when the affects of training decrease and the benefits are lost. I think that after this experience it would be a good idea to carry on my training out of school to try and build my fitness up even more so, the game of football will be a lot easier to handle in a match situation. 1 1 ...read more.

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