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For the beginning of my action plan it will contain a less intense workout, this is because gradually the intensity will become harder. Every two weeks I shall devise a drill to test my improvement of my power.

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Power I feel that power is a major weakness of mine and because of this it is having an effect on my game, so I will be devising an action plan over the period of seven weeks. For the beginning of my action plan it will contain a less intense workout, this is because gradually the intensity will become harder. Every two weeks I shall devise a drill to test my improvement of my power. Week One Before every training session it Is crucial that you should warm up, the warm up shall be similar each day but the pressure shall slowly increase. The warm up shall consist of: Activity Time Jogging the whole of the court 1 min High Knees, Run, bringing the knees high with every step. 10reps Flicks, Run, kicking the ankles up to the backside with every step. 10 reps Kick across, White walking kicks each leg in turn across your body. 10 reps Stretching should include: Gastrocnemius stretch: Stretch up against a wall or a post. Hamstrings: lying hamstring, lie flat on the floor with one leg in the air slowly pulling towards you. Hip Abductor: Lying on your back arms out to the side. Then keeping your back in contact with the ground place one leg over and stretch. Each for 15 secs. ...read more.


Do this repetitively doing ten reps at a time holding for 5 seconds each time. Day2: Quads A way working the quads is to do leg extensions. Make sure that the seat of the leg extension machine is in the correct position, with your knee joint parallel with the lower hinge of the machine, and that you are comfortable. Starting with legs bent, straighten them until they are fully extended out in front of you. Hold here for a couple of seconds then return to starting position. Day 3: Hamstrings The hamstrings, the muscle in the back of your thigh a\re the best worked with a leg curl machine. There are two types: one on which you lie face down (prone) and one on which you are seated. In the prone position place your heels under the pads and have your knees just off the end of the bench. Make sure you hips stay in contact with the bench throughout the movement. Curl the rollers up to your backside and return them to the starting position. In the seated position make sure that the knee is parallel with the pivot on the lower arm of the machine. Put your ankles on top of the footpads and place the kneepads securely on your knees. Bend at the knee, tucking you legs under the seat as far as you can, then return to the strain position. ...read more.


Lower back to starting position and repeat. Day 5: Press up. Straighten your arms and go up into your feet, so that only your hands ands toes are in contact with the floor, keep your body in a straight line, don't allow your backside to wave around in the air, or your hips top sag towards the floor. Now, bend your elbows and lower yourself close to the floor without actually touching it. Then straighten your arms and press yourself back up to the starting position. Day 6 Day of rest Day 7 Match day Test for weeks five and six Week five was very similar to week three only at a higher intensity. Through week six it is very similar to week four but working the upper body, so doing a sit up test would test the strength of the upper body. Week 7 Aim Within week seven this week shall prepare day by day for the bleep test at the end on the Friday. Day One This will consist of a morning run of one mile. Day Two This will be much of fartlek training a range of different sprints. Start with slow run then a four hundred-metre sprint then end up with agility training. Day three Bleep test Day Four 3000 metre run Day five Bleep test Day six Rest Day Seven Rest The big test at the end of this would be the bleep test improving it from previous weeks. ...read more.

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