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For this action plan firstly I need to asses the week areas of my decathlon and focus on some goals that need to be achieved for me to become an all round good performer.

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Action plan For this action plan firstly I need to asses the week areas of my decathlon and focus on some goals that need to be achieved for me to become an all round good performer. This is to improve my current standard so that I can achieve my goal of being classed as achieving a standard of excellence on the national performance pyramid. I have made a testing program of my own that will test the all round areas of my physical state and asses what needs to be done to improve my all round abilities as an athlete. Before I test myself I know that there are certain week areas that need practice in situ, but as it is the middle of winter I can only work on the basis of each event, and then later on I can look at the more technical aspects of each event. The assessment program that I have compiled looks at: * Sprinting speed, * Speed endurance, * Strength, * Muscle balance, * Flexibility, * Explosive power and quickness, * Body composition, * Joint mobility, * Endurance, Under these titles there are a number of tests to ensure that the testing is accurate and that there are no erroneous results that are due to lack of a testing ability. ...read more.


in my speed, endurance and flight ability in jumping, and if it is I can change my diet to either gain or lose weight to keep me healthy and fit for training. For Endurance I will test: * Vo2 max, From this information I can decide whether I need to improve my aerobic endurance or keep it at a constant throughout my training. This will be my entire assessment for the 1500m side of the decathlon as I can only work on the technicalities of the event on the track or in competition. From all of the data collected I can decide from my weak areas what types of training I should do to improve my events for the summer. The types of training I have available to me are: * Strength and power training, * Ballistics training, * Plyometrics training, * Sport loading, * Sprinting form and speed endurance training, * Overspeed training, * Fartlek training, These are all headings for several different methods of training and from this I will use the methods that are the most effective for me. Now that I have assed all the areas of my fitness I will now create a personal training program with reference to the weak areas of my assessment. ...read more.


This is a short term aim and will be tested each week for progress. This will only be put into my program for the first two weeks to increase my hip flexibility and this will be cut down and only used on the strengthened muscles to stop shortening. The third weakness I have assed is my acceleration from still to full pace. This has many methods that can be used to improve it and from these I have chosen two, hill sprints and specific plyometric exercises. As there are two types of training I can do to improve this I have decided to spilt my training time of two weeks in to two, 3 week periods. I will use hill running for the first 3 weeks and then after an assessment unless an excellent improvement has occurred I will move onto 3 weeks of specific plyometric drills. The last weakness is my Vo2 max. This I will improve by Fartlek training. This will consist of a 1.6 mile run split into time sections of one minute. These one minute time sections will be done at low and high and low speeds with a trail off towards the end win a medium intensity as my last high intensity minute section. ...read more.

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