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GCSE Coursework

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GCSE PE Observation and Analysis Task Position of player being observed: Football-striker List 3 skills that are important for a player in that position; 1. Pace 2. Creativity 3. Finishing Describe 3 factors which affect performance in a positive way; 1. Determination or the will to win is a key factor which can affect performance in a positive way. With that ambition to do well your performance can improve because you are so focused on doing well. 2. Another key factor which can affect performance in a positive way is your nutrition. If you don't have the necessary energy before performing you won't feel too well and as a result you might under perform. ...read more.


It's hard to win with low confidence. 2. Stress can also affect your performance in a negative way because your performance can become very agitated and over aggressive because of the stress that you are in. 3. Poor preparation is also a key factor in affecting your performance in a negative way. If you go into a contest and you haven't had a good diet throughout the day your strength will decrease once you go for that contest. Things like this can decrease your level of performance dramatically. From your observation of the player's performance, complete the following sections with examples and using correct terminology Identify and describe in detail 3 strengths of the player's performance from your observation; 1. ...read more.


This gives me more balance and it's an advantage over people who can't use both feet. Identify and describe in detail 3 weaknesses of the player's performance from your observation; 1. Speed- I don't think I'm particularly slow but I'm not very fast. So I could improve upon my own speed so I can have the ability to take on defenders and score goals. 2. Defending- I don't think that I always work hard for the team especially when I play up front. Coming back and working for the team can also improve my stamina and my general all round game. 3. Strength- Sometimes when I try to hold the ball up I might lose out and that means that strength is needed. If I improve upon my strength my hold up play will improve and I won't be guilty of losing possession as much. ...read more.

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