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GCSE P.E Health related training programme

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GCSE P.E Health-related Exercise/Training Programme Candidate Name: Charmaine Lindsay Candidate Number: 2118 Centre Number: 14217 Sport/Activity: Netball Training Method: Circuit Training Personal Fitness Profile I have two P.E lessons and I walk most places everyday. This is approximately how much physical activity I get in a typical week. I don't have any injuries or health problems. I think I am quite fit because I get enough exercise, but I want to develop my fitness and I think it can be improved. At the end of the 5 sessions I want my fitness to have improved and I want the skills that I need for netball to be a lot more developed. Awareness of Safety Aspects Equipment/apparatus used in any sport all carry potential risks. For example, if the activity needs a ball, it could injure someone if the ball is thrown and it hits them. Sports with smaller balls such as tennis or cricket etc. are more dangerous because they would carry more speed and so have a harder hit. If the sport requires a racket then the players need to be careful that they don't hit each other with them because that could cause injury. ...read more.


I found it a bit difficult, but I managed to complete my circuit 3 During this session I made no changes to my circuit and I found it ok. 4 I repeated my circuit a second time this week. I found it really exhausting. The hardest part was hen I done my circuit the second time. 5 Doing my circuit for the last time I enjoyed it a lot. SESSION RESTING HEART RATE HEART RATE AFTER EXERCISE RECOVERY RATE (AFTER 3 MINS) 1 84 116 89 2 78 125 86 3 77 115 82 4 72 118 82 5 73 103 81 Concluding Statement/Summary of results I think that overall, my netball skills have improved and also my heart rate has gone down, so I am a lot fitter than before I started the exercise programme. Evaluation Planning Before I started my training programme I did a fitness test. The results I achieved were quite good. I had very good test results in the strength and co-ordination areas, whereas I didn't do so well in things such as flexibility. I think the programme was at the right level for me because it pushed me to work my hardest but it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle. ...read more.


I did achieve the results I expected because I worked hard towards them and I expected to improve and I did. Final Evaluation At the end of the 5 sessions I did another fitness test and I improved in some areas, but areas like flexibility I didn't improve in because I wasn't planning on trying to improve it. I think the programme was quite easy to set up, but I found it a bit hard to keep up because I had to perform my circuit and record my result after each exercise. I found this hard because I only had a certain amount of rest time and I had to record results and rest at the same time. As a result of completing the programme I have overall improved on skills like agility, strength and endurance. I enjoyed performing my circuit and I worked myself to the limit most of the time. If I was continuing with my circuit I might have changed it. If I did I would probably start to increase the amount of time I spent on each exercise but keep the resting time the same as this would mean I would have to work even longer and hopefully I would improve even more. ?? ?? ?? ?? Charmaine Lindsay 11G 1 ...read more.

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