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Have chosen to complete my P.E.P around the sport of football and I have chosen to develop this particular sport to improve my speed on and off the ball ,to improve the accuracy of my shot and to become fitter

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Personal Exercise Portfolio Section A: Introduction PEP stands for personal exercise program. This is a programme designed to maximise the users performance at their chosen sport over a period of time by doing regular exercise from the start of the programme until the end. The programme usually contains a timetable of exercises, which will increase in difficulty as the user works through their PEP so that the exercises become more challenging which will eventually improve the users performance in the sport they have chosen to develop. I have chosen to complete my P.E.P around the sport of football and I have chosen to develop this particular sport to improve my speed on and off the ball ,to improve the accuracy of my shot and to become fitter sp I can play with more intensity. The fitness components of my sport are:- * Strength - which would be used when pushing other players off the ball. * Agility - which would be used when going past other players and being able to change direction quickly. * Speed - which will be used most of the time when running for the ball and my ability to beat other players to the ball. * Explosive power - which will be used when jumping for the ball for a header or in a goalkeeper's case to try and catch the ball. * Balance - which is used when controlling the ball and moving quickly. Through my fitness program I intend to achieve:- * A higher level of fitness - I will use this so I am able to run for longer periods of time without stopping and complete a full game of football. ...read more.


After I was tested in all these exercises I identified the areas in my fitness which I believed I was lacking in, and from it I identified that my lower body was more fatigued, but this can be justified as most of the exercises were to do with the lower body. I set achievable goals from the tests that I performed. I did this because I knew my fitness could be improved a lot and I needed to strengthen and tone my lower and upper body muscles to be able to produce a more powerful shot at goal. Flexibility is the range of movement in a joint. Your flexibility can be improved through the right kind of training. Flexibility is relevant to football as you need to use it when in goal being able to move quickly and bend when making a save. I have incorporative ways to improve my flexibility into my training program by using the appropriate stretches such as the abdominal stretch, back stretch and hip flexor stretch. I will do these stretches each time I do an activity and after a while I will notice an improvement in my flexibility. Pre- Training Tests 50 Metre Sprint 7.66mps Standing broad jump 6.23m Testing strength 25 push-ups in 1 min Sprint slalom 18.13 Static balance 6.84s Hand-eye coordination 70 alternate catches Vertical jump 52cm Bleep test 9.8 Training Diary Week 1 Exercise duration Intensity Monday Tuesday Wednesday Football - Training 1 hour 1 hour + H Thursday Basketball -health studio 1 hour 1 hour + M Friday Saturday Football 1 hour H Sunday Football 1 1/2 hours H After the first week I didn't really notice an improvement to my fitness levels so I kept my program basically the same expect I added an 1 1/2 hours onto exercising. ...read more.


I have done this by playing sports competitively and just playing around with my friends I am more relaxed when around friends so I normally perform better. FITT Frequency this is how often I will train. I have trained at least 3 times a week and maybe 4 sometimes this is to make sure my training program is successful. Intensity is about how hard you train. I have varied the amount of training I have done throughout the four weeks but also how hard I have trained. For example I have played in football matches which are high intensity compared with football training which is medium intensity. Also I have participated in low intensity P.E classes. Time is how long do you train for. I have trained for different amounts of time throughout the training programme. I have varied this because sometimes I could play a full 90 minutes of football or I could only play 45. Type is picking the right exercises for my sport. I will have to do the right type of exercise that is relevant to my sport so it helps me improve my sport. I have used different types of exercises so I cover all the fitness components of my sport. I have enjoyed making and taking part in the four week exercise plan because it made me feel a lot fitter and I could now work harder, for longer. I think that I should have carried on the plan for more than four weeks to gain better results. Goals My goals for the futures would be to keep up the exercise plan for as long as possible because I felt a lot fitter and better than I would usually. I also noticed a difference in my football skills. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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