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Health and fitness

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Health Health is physical, mental, cultural and social well being of a person, who is also free of any disease or illness. Among many other factors in order to have good health we should: - * Eat sensibly * Take regular physical activity in which you are enjoying yourself * Get regular rest and sleep * Limit your dose of alcohol related drinks. * Not to take in any form of Drugs that have serious effects on you. * Improve out ability to cope with stress Fitness Is the body's ability to cope with a physical demand placed on it with little fatigue? The higher the level of fitness of the body the more efficiently it can handle the great physical demands on our bodies. However fitness means different things to different people, for example, a marathon runner may be quite unfit for lifting weights. There is a minimal level of fitness, which we need to have good health. We need to train to improve out fitness level, when planning a fitness programme, we should follow the FITT principles : Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. Frequency - How often we train. * We should train at least three times a week to improve our fitness. * The body needs recovery time to recover from each training session. * We should spread these sessions out over the week. Intensity - How hard we train. * We will only get fitter if we work our body systems hard enough to make them adapt. ...read more.


If we build up the stress too slowly we become disinterested and bored and give up. If we are unfit we can improve our fitness level quickly, however the fitter we are the harder it is to improve. For example, lifting heavier weights or running further. o Overload (make it harder/more difficult) - is to work harder than normal. To improve the fitness of body systems we need to work them harder than normal. The body will then gradually learn to adapt to the extra stress and after a while we will be become fitter. We can overload our bodies our bodies by training more often, by working harder or by spending more time on a particular exercise. This is similar to Progression. For example to improve aerobic fitness by running, we could run more times a week, complete the fun in a shorter time or by increasing the distance of the run. The aerobic system will gradually learn to cope with the overload and we will become fitter. o Reversibility - (Reversible) Means the training we have done and the improvements we have made, can change very quickly, if you stop training. If our muscles are not used the Atrophy, they waste away. We cannot store fitness for future use, it is ongoing, if training is stopped fitness will disappear. It only takes 3-4weeks for our bodies to get out of condition. o Tedium (also known as Variance) Our training programme must be varied to avoid tedium (boredom). By using various training methods we will be kept motivated and we will be likely to carry on with the training. ...read more.


Activity 5 = In this it is the same as doing press ups but you clap when your hands are not on the ground trying to support you. This shows signs of your co-oridnation and how well you are at it. Activity 6 = This is a activity which takes the sit ups on to a further stage. I will try to do as many fast sit ups as I can. Activity 7 = At this activity I will be aiming to do as many sit ups in the time limit. Sit ups are when you lie flat backed on the floor with your hands on the sides of your head near your ears, with your knees bent and stationary, the aim is to bring your body up, this applies pressure on abdominal muscles. Sit ups target the abdominal and upper leg muscles, the fitness being improved is muscular endurance Activity 8 = In this activity I intend to sit down with my legs straightened. My arms will be pressured on the bench and I will try and lift my self up by using the bench through my arms and hands. Activity 9 = The aim is to repeat as many chin ups as you can, this improves muscular endurance in biceps triceps and upper chest. To do this you hang from a bar and you try to pull your way up to your hands with out the support of the ground. Activity 10 = This is proberly one of the simplest activities. In this activity you just hop for the period of time and that is it. But this does help your legs and abdominal. ...read more.

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