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Health Contract Proposal

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ASSIGNMENT ONE: HEALTH CONTRACT PROPOSAL. My target area for my health contract proposal is to increase my level of physical fitness. I think this is important to my health because regular exercise can play significant roles in maintaining physical and mental health. (Prentice 1996, p. 3) My current behaviour in regards to my physical fitness is average according to the 3- minute step test. The 3-minute step test involves the person carrying step-ups for 3 minutes at a steady even pace, and then person then counts their pulse for 1 minute. After the person obtains their pulse they refer back to a chart (appendix A) that gives them an indication of their fitness level. (McMurray 1998, p. 46 & 282) Before undertaking the 3-minute step test I believed my fitness level was poor. This was because I get short of breath easily and have low energy levels. My goal for this health contract is to increase my fitness and energy levels. Regular fitness has many benefits to both physical and mental health. Physical benefits include: * Strengthens your heart making it become more efficient. ...read more.


Environmental factors (focus on the external world) * Comfort in the location where the activity takes place * Are you able to accommodate weather conditions? * Support from family and friends Different motivational strategies are needed for different stages of exercise programs. Some of the strategies I intend to use through out my exercise program include: * Starting with small goals and slowly increase these as my fitness level improves. * Being realistic in what I can achieve but challenging myself to improve as I progress in my program. * Keeping a journal to track my progress. * Varying my program. * Keeping to my limits and not over doing it. (Cloe, R and Pierson, V 2005) Over the next six weeks I intend to undertake a fitness program consisting of basic aerobic workouts five times a week. Aerobic exercise uses large muscle groups rhythmically and continuously to elevate the heart rate and breathing for sustained periods of time. The workout will take about 30minutes to an hour to complete and includes warm-up exercises and stretching, brisk walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, aerobic dancing and using aerobic equipment. Warm-up exercises will be completed prior to workouts. ...read more.


REFERENCE LIST Cloe, R & Pierson, V. 2005, The Motivation to Move [Online, accessed 21 Mar. 2005] URL: http://www.primusweb.com/fitnesspartner/library/activity/motomove.htm Gosselin, C. 1995,The Ultimate guide to fitness - Get Fit, Stay Fit, Random House, London. McMurray, R G. 1998, Concepts in Fitness Programming, CRC Press LLC, Florida. Prentice, W E. 1996, Get Fit, Stay Fit, Mosby Year Book, Inc, USA. Texas Harris County Psychiatric Centre. 2004, Understanding Physical Fitness and Mental Health [Online, accessed 21 Mar. 2005] URL: http://hcpc.uth.tmc.edu/fitness_and_mental_health.htm APPENDIX A 3-minute step test heart rate fitness norms FITNESS RATING PULSE RATE 20 -29 year olds Excellent <84 Good 84 - 101 Average 102 - 120 Fair 121 - 132 Poor >132 30 - 39 year olds Excellent <86 Good 86 - 103 Average 104 - 121 Fair 122 - 133 Poor >133 40 - 49 year olds Excellent <90 Good 90 - 105 Average 106 - 121 Fair 122 - 133 Poor >133 50 - 59 year olds Excellent <93 Good 93 - 106 Average 105 - 120 Fair 121 - 132 Poor >132 60 + year olds Excellent <93 Good 93 - 106 Average 107 - 120 Fair 121 - 132 Poor >132 1 ...read more.

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