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Health promoting exercise/fitness training programme assessment

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GCSE Physical Education 2002 Health promoting exercise/fitness training programme assessment. Centre: St Robert of Newminster school Centre No.: 39573 Candidate: David Lindo Candidate No.: 7129 Activity: Rounders Fitness exercise/activity Description and reason for inclusion Warm up before circuit: An easy jog can start a good warm up. This will get the blood pumping around the body and to increase your heart rate to prepare for a good exercise session. Static stretches should follow an easy jog. Static stretches should be gentle stretches of muscles, such as: biceps, triceps, abdominal, quadriceps, hamstrings etc. Ballistic stretches shouldn't be done as this may cause damage to yourself by tearing muscles or pulling your tendons or your ligaments as your muscles would not be warmed up enough. A warm up should be carried out as it can warm your muscles up so it will decrease the risk of getting injured. It can also help to prepare yourself mentally as you will be more focused and you will find it easier to concentrate. Exercises and skills 1) Bicep curls Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend and lift with your knees to pick the weight up (This will decrease the chance of hurting your back). ...read more.


Repeat until stated time runs out. 7) Bench lifts Fix a bench to wall bars, and keeping your back straight lift the bench above your head and then lower. Another way that this can be modified is that you could stand while doing this exercise. Skill C: Fielding Roll a ball along the ground to your partner. Your partner should bend down and pick up the ball. Your partner should then roll the ball back to you. Repeat as many times as you can in the amount of time given. Organisation/Implementation/ Monitoring We used the Harvard step test to test our own fitness by monitoring our own heart rate at rest and after exercise. My results showed that I am quite a fit person. My result before exercise was 73 bpm and after exercise it was 101 bpm. My heart rate isn't too high after exercise and not too low before exercise. My time for recovery decreased as the weeks went on, but to start off they were moderately high. After the second week of doing circuit training we had a two week break for the Christmas holidays so I think that I was more tired after week three than I was on week one as I did not do much exercise over the two week period. ...read more.


I did have two exercises that followed each other that both focused on the arm muscles. These were bicep curls and Tricep dips. As this course was only a five-week course this did not prove to be a major problem but if I had kept the course going then I would have cam across problems. The number of stations altogether was ten. There were 3 skills and 7 exercises. There are 20 people in my class so therefore there were ten groups of two. In the cases of absences then the groups did change but this was not a regular occurrence. In the first two weeks the time limit was 30 seconds. We changed it in the third week to 35 seconds as we thought we could go higher and that happened in the third and fourth week. In the fifth week we changed it again to 40 seconds. In the first week there was only enough time to complete one set as we had tested our own fitness level but in the rest of the weeks we completed two sets. As the weeks progressed my physical body became fitter and I had shorter rest periods in between them. I noticed that each week my repetitions went higher and I became fitter and my stamina was a lot better than the first week I did it. ...read more.

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