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How muscular strength, endurance, size and actions can beenhanced by fitness and training for daily tasks.

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How muscular strength, endurance, size and actions can be enhanced by fitness and training for daily tasks. Muscular strength is the ability of the muscles to exert force and it has been described as 'the amount of force you can produce with a single maximum effort'. This is very important to us, as we need it for some if not all of the following reasons: 1) To increase work capacity 2) To decrease the chance of injury 3) To prevent lower back pain 4) To improve or prevent poor posture 5) To improve athletic performance 6) To save a life or property in the event of an emergency situation 7) ...read more.


These people need to improve their muscular strength and need to increase their muscle size. All these things can be enhanced by fitness and training and in turn make it easier to do the daily tasks that I have mentioned. Fitness is the ability to meet the demands of the environment. The fitter we are, the easier we will find it to do the things like 1-7. Cardiovascular fitness will help by getting more blood and oxygen to the muscles. However fitness can only be achieved through training. So if a person was to train, they would become fitter and by doing this they would improve their muscular strength and endurance and depending on which kind of training they did they could increase their muscle size. ...read more.


Then to train properly you could change it for the next session. Improving muscular endurance How enduring our muscles are depends greatly on our percentage of fast and slow twitch fibres. Slow twitch muscles are necessary for competitions such as marathons and these fibres are suited to lengthy, strenuous activities. Whereas fast twitch muscles are needed for activities where we require fast powerful bursts of energy, for example 100m races. We can also use weight lifting to improve our muscular endurance however we take a different approach than that of muscular strength. You could lift a lower weight but the repetitions must be high. Another good way of improving our muscular endurance is circuit training. By Gemma Cartin 12d, PE Project, Mrs. Deery ...read more.

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