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I am a very keen sportsman who takes part in a whole range of sporting activity. At school I have participated in the school football team, captained the cricket team, done climbing, basketball and badminton.

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INTRODUCTION I am a very keen sportsman who takes part in a whole range of sporting activity. At school I have participated in the school football team, captained the cricket team, done climbing, basketball and badminton. Outside of school I am a season ticket holder at Burnley football club, and I captain Burnley boys football club at Sunday league level. I am also a member of Burnley boys club where I play snooker. For the purpose of my analytical investigation I intend to devise a self - improvement training programme. The programme that I intend to undertake is tennis, this is because I am interested in the sport, rarely play the sport, and so I feel that tennis is the sport, which I will get the most improvement from. I don't have many strengths in tennis but the ones I do have are volley and lob. I do, however, have weaknesses and the purpose of the analytical investigation is to devise a training plan to improve on these. My weaknesses are serving, forehand and any backhand shot. I feel that I will need to research the correct techniques in order to show improvement My self-improvement programme will concentrate on improving my weaknesses. In order to complete this programme I will need to devise a self - improvement program in order to develop my weaknesses. Devising a training plan to get the correct techniques and skill to improve will do this. ...read more.


* Put everything I have learnt into a game situation. AFTER THE SESSION In this session I feel I served better than in any of the other sessions. I feel this is because I reviewed my current technique with the correct technique and discovered that my point of contact was incorrect as it wasn't at the correct angle so I altered this error and practising full serve with 50% power and practising full serve with full power became much easier. The rest of the session went ok and I beat my partner in the game. NEXT SESSION I WILL After completing the aspect of serving and recording all my results. I feel I have improved a lot in serving, as my results compared with pre and post- tests will show. In the next session I will be starting my sessions on backhand. EVALUATION AND CONCLUSION Conclusion In general my training programme was successful because it tested each area and principle of fitness that I wanted it to. I think that, my training programme not only tested my fitness and my football skills, it also improved them. Although it was successful, there were some tests such as the Bleep Test on which I had to rely on earlier results because of the lack of equipment to do it at home. This meant that there would have been some results, which would not have been up to date. ...read more.


I was very tired though after completing each week of the program, my muscles were aching and my heart and breathing rate had increased drastically. The positive aspect was that I recovered quicker as I went on in the training programme. If I were to perform the training programme again I would start by making the exercise time slightly less at the beginning of the program so I could get use to doing the exercises gradually. This would also be overloading because the exercises would get harder. If I was given another chance to perform he training programme again, I would have included more tests and exercises such as wall-sits, combination tests, dynamometer and shoulder lift test. I would also have compared my skin fold measurement to see if it changed during the training programme. I would expect that it would not change because it would take some time for the fat to reduce. I would also compare the change in my pulse rate during the training programme. Although I had improved during the six-week period I had only improved slightly, so if I were repeating this programme I would make it last 12 weeks so improvements could be seen more easily. Once the training programme becomes too easy I would have to make it harder (overload) to affect reversibility. If the training programme is not made harder the body will stop improving in the areas of muscular endurance and anaerobic respiration. The body must train regularly to prevent reversibility. Reversibility is when the affects of training decrease and the benefits are lost. ...read more.

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