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I am producing a training programme to improve my endurance and skill levels for the sport of rugby union. I will be doing pre-season training as then

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Training Programme - Rugby Union Name: Jonny Lynch Age: 16 Gender: Male Height: 173cm Weight: 68 Kg Maximum Heart Rate: 205 bpm Experience: Romsey Wasps RFC (1996 - 99) and Winchester RFC (2001 - 04) I am producing a training programme to improve my endurance and skill levels for the sport of rugby union. I will be doing pre-season training as then I can be fully prepared for the rugby season. I am a healthy person as I do not suffer from any illnesses and have not broken a bone in my body however; I occasionally get pains in my hamstrings and in the balls of my feet (tarsals). Testing is important for all players, as it provides a baseline from which you can compare your progress and measure improved performances that have occurred as a result of the training programme. Type of fitness test Definition Name of Test Score Rating Stamina The ability to work for relatively long periods of time Copper 12-minute run 2320 metres Average Bleep Test 7.2 Below Average Maximum Strength The ability to use our muscles to apply force to an immovable object. Handgrip dynamometer L = 43 R = 46 Below Average Muscular Power The ability to contract muscles with speed and force in one explosive action. Standing Long Jump 1.92 metres Above Average Standing Vertical Jump 54 cm Average Muscular Endurance The ability to work the muscles very hard for a period of time Press-ups 20 Average Sit-ups 31 Above Average Step-ups 17 Above Average Flexibility The ability to move our joints through their full range of movements Sit and Reach 10 cm Above Average Reaction Time The ability to respond to a stimulus quickly Ruler Drop 12.6 cm Above Average Speed The ability to move all or part of the body as quickly as possible Shuttle Runs 7 Average 50 metre Sprint 7.93 Average Agility The ability to change direction of the body at speed Illinois Agility Test 17.78 Average Balance The ability to maintain ...read more.


You are meant to work at the same pace for between 30minutes and 2 hours and should work in the aerobic training zone (60% - 80% of MHR) Why use long, slow, distance training? This type of training improves stamina, improves health-related fitness and reduces the amounts of body fat. Also it maintains fitness in the off season. What is high intensity continuous training? Examples of this type of training are running, swimming, cycling, rowing or doing any other whole body activities. You are meant to work very hear at 80 - 95% MHR for only a short period of time. Why use high intensity continuous training? This type of training improves our anaerobic capacity, improves leg speed, leg strength and muscular endurance. It can also prepare use fro competitions during the peak of the season. Fartlek Training What is Fartlek training? The name comes from the Swedish for 'speed play' and it involves many changes in speed, for example running, jogging, walking, cycling or skiing are different speeds and intensities. It helps improve your fitness if you complete the training over different terrains and in different weather conditions. Why use Fartlek training? It can improve our aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels, depending on how you train. In addition, it can help game players who need both of the levels play to the best of their ability. Interval Training What is interval training? Interval training is any training using alternating periods of very hard exercise and rest. The rest periods enable us to train for longer periods of time. You can vary the time or distance, the effort (intensity, the length of the exercise, the type of activity and the number of exercise and recovery periods. Why use interval training? It can improve our anaerobic and aerobic fitness levels depending on how you exercise. Our aerobic fitness will improve if you train for a long periods at 60 - 8-% MHR. ...read more.


Before I have 3 below averages and after I did not have any. Also before I had no high scores but after my programme I had 4 high scores. After completing my programme, I am able to carry out activities effortlessly. This has motivated me to play more sports and with more enthusiasm. I found that the training was hard to start with but I persisted with it and it gradually got easier which meant that my fitness levels were increasing. I could feel the change through my muscles as when I first ran for 15 minutes, my muscles were very warm and stiff and I often got cramp even after I had cooled down. In the latter stages of the programme when I went for a run, my muscles could withstand harder exercises more often and for a longer period of time. During the programme, I tried to minimize the effects of tedium, I changed the routes that I ran, the duration that I completed the exercise for and I also changed the type of training. I found that the exercises were specific to my sport and that it improved all, if not most, of my attributes in the sport and it improved my game a great deal. If I was to carry out another training programme similar to this one I would change I few things to increase my fitness levels further. I would follow the FITT guidelines and would train for longer, increase the intensity, change the type and train more times per week. I would carry out the workout in harder terrain to improve my muscular strength and also I would exercise using different methods, for example, swimming, cycling or even rowing. I am not sure if I will carry out another programme but I am sure that I will continue playing sport and to the best of my ability at all times. ?? ?? ?? ?? Training Programme - Jonny Lynch 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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