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I have been asked to make a 6 week training programme to improve a part of my physical life e.g. speed, strength, muscular endurance etc.

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My name is Paul Huggins, I am 15 and I am studying physical education at the Royal Liberty School. I have been asked to make a 6 week training programme to improve a part of my physical life e.g. speed, strength, muscular endurance etc. I am very keen on sport and I play a lot of it such as tennis, badminton and football and all the other sports I learn as part of my physical education course. As I play so many sports I have a fairly fit. Most of the sports I like and learn I would like to improve in and to do this I think that a key aspect to improve would be my speed. I am not the slowest person but I would like to improve it because in sports such as badminton and tennis it relies on your speed and agility to get to the shuttlecock or tennis ball so I think that if I get faster I will be able to improve my game .In badminton I need to be able to hit the shuttlecock form the back of my court to the back of my opponents court and in tennis I need to improve the sped of my serve as at the moment it is far to slow and very easy to return, the only way to fix these problems is to improve my speed. ...read more.


I must increase the amount of work gradually otherwise I could do some serious damage to myself. I must remember to increase the work levels otherwise I will never improve I will just stay at the same level. Overload: This is the principle of making the body working harder in order to improve certain aspects. I will have to get past my normal workload to improve my speed. I can improve this in the following ways: * Frequency - needs to be increased. For example if I were only doing two training sessions a week I would change to three. It would be unadvisable if I was to change from 3 to 4 sessions a week as my body would not have time to rest, I will just change the difficulty of the training programmes. Reversibility: It is very pointless to do a training programme if straight after it I am going to stop and let myself reverse all the things that I have just improved so after my training programme I will continue to do some exercise in the week. Tedium: My training must be different from each time do it to avoid tedium. By using a variety of training methods we will keep our enthusiasm and motivation. ...read more.


The following table shows what percentage of body fat a sportsman has: Sport Male Baseball 12-15% Basketball 6-12% Cycling 5-15% Field & Ice Hockey 8-15% Rowing 6-14% Swimming 9-12% Track - Runners 8-10% Track - Jumpers 7-12% Track - Throwers 14-20% Triathlon 5-12% Volleyball 11-14% By looking at the chart the people that need at look of speed have a maximum of about 15% body fat so I know that I will get my body fat down to about 16% which means either losing weight or turning that fat in to muscle which means that one of my training programmes will have to be weight training. TESTS To determine if my training programme works I have to do some test to see how fast I am at the moment which will then be tested again at the end of my training programme to see if my speed has improved. The test I did was as followed: Activity Time Amount Done Step ups 30 seconds 32 Sit ups 30 seconds 21 Press ups 30 seconds 15 Illinois Agility run 20 seconds N/A Pull ups 30seconds 5 I also tested my weight training it is as follows: Weight Amount Time Latt pull 15 17 Leg curl 15 15 Chest press 15 25 In my first training programme I will do circuit training which will I will do: Sit-ups Press ups Pull ups step ups ...read more.

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