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Illnesses In Sports

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Illnesses in Sports Heart Attack: Heart attacks occur in many sports, especially ones with a lot of running. The cause of a heart attack is usually a blockage of the blood vessels of the heart. This stops the blood flow all over the body as the heart is neither supplying nor receiving blood and makes the heart beat irregular. Sports Examples: o Football o Hurdles o Athletics When a footballer is running he needs to make sure that he has a strong cardio muscular endurance so that he doesn't get out of breath. If the body doesn't maintain the hearts beat it could build up to a heart attack. ...read more.


keep in as much heat as possible otherwise they will be at risk of hypothermia because there is less heat at high places. Signs and symptoms: o Low body temperature o Abnormally low body temperature o Drowsiness o Slow heartbeat o Slow breathing o Shivering o Weakness o Drowsiness o Confusion o Purple toes o Purple fingers * Dehydration: Dehydration occurs when more fluid is lost from the body than is taken in. This causes an imbalance in important minerals, such as sodium and potassium, which are required for muscle and nerve function. If there is a one per cent or greater loss in body weight because of fluid loss, dehydration occurs. ...read more.


Sports Examples: o Athletics o Football o Swimming Viral infections can occur in any sport. If a athlete is playing in cold conditions then he/she should wear warm clothing to avoid catching a flu they should also get a couple of days off so other people don't catch it too. Drying hair after swimming can help prevent viral infections too. Signs and Symptoms: Symptoms for the flu are o Fever that comes on quickly (38-40C; 100-104F) o Sweating and feeling feverish o General muscle aches and pains o A feeling of general tiredness o Dry, chesty cough o Sneezing o Running or blocked nose o Difficulty sleeping. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shieda Majeed P4 ...read more.

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