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In football, the skills that are my strengths are: passing, heading, shooting and first touch.

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GCSE PE Coursework- Section 2 Miguel Blanes In football, the skills that are my strengths are: passing, heading, shooting and first touch. Playing in centre midfield, you need to able to pass accurately and at the correct time and I think passing is one of my strongest abilities. As a centre midfielder I get a lot of the ball and I often pass to pick out other team mates. I think my passing is strong because I rarely give the ball away and by using match analysis I can see that my average pass success rate is around 82%. By being good at passing, it allows me to pick out teammates wherever they are on the field helping me hugely especially if I'm in trouble and about to get tackled. As well as this, it helps me set up goals and create opportunities for my team, which my 15 assists this season shows. In a match I use a range of shorter and longer passes depending which is needed overall helping me perform well. As I have identified, heading is also another of my strengths. Heading in games helps me massively both in attack and defence. When we have a goal kick or free kick my teammates rely on me to flick the ball on and win possession. ...read more.


My first touch usually plays the ball behind or to the side of the defender, giving me an advantage when attacking. I am sometimes told to play up front by my coach in the later stages of a game, if we are losing because I have the ability turn a defender and have a go at goal with just two touches. One to turn and one to shoot. This has helped me create chances for myself this season and my goal tally shows exactly that. The fitness components that are my strengths are: cardio-vascular endurance, timing, co-ordination and speed. By having good cardio-vascular endurance, it allows me to perform at the best of my ability for the full 90 minutes as I don't tire. This also allows me to meet the demand of my body during matches which is to provide oxygen to my muscles in order for them to make energy which they can use, so I am able to continue running meaning I am still able to attack and defend effectively even in the later stages of the match. This strength also helps me have that edge over opponents as I am still able to continue while my opponents begin to tire. This allows me to take advantage and create opportunities late on in games. ...read more.


For example I can move my leg and arm at the same time helping me to strike the ball cleanly which improves my passing and shooting. This advantage helps my performance as it allows me to produce quality passes which my teammates receive. This also helps me get my body in the right position to control the ball and as well as this, it allows me to dribble past an opponent more easily as I am able to move my legs, torso and arms (for balance) all at the same time. Finally, speed is another of my strengths. I can tell because I got quite a fast time in the sprint tests I did. I got 2.79seconds, which was the time it took me to run 20m which is quite fast compared to average results. This not only helps me get to the ball before an opponent helping me create chances for myself, it also allows me to sprint past oncoming defenders as they cannot catch up with me. This is useful when dribbling and when running off the ball into space or trying to beat the offside trap. By being fast, I can hold my run to stay on side and then sprint to the ball once it is played over. My speed allows me to run past the last defender, creating a chance on goal. ...read more.

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