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In this assignment I tested a client and obtain his results, this hopefully will help me to know what exercise are needed for an specific sport and getting confidence on giving feedback to my client

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In this assignment I tested a client and obtain his results, this hopefully will help me to know what exercise are needed for an specific sport and getting confidence on giving feedback to my client. * Sit & Reach: This is done by sitting down with your legs in front of you. The Person has to reach as far forward as possible, keeping their legs stretched, touching with the floor and the distance your tip of your hand fingers reach, for more than 3 seconds it will be recorded. This is to test your flexibility. * Standing long Jump: This is done by placing your feet behind the line and using your arms and bending your knees jumping as far forward as you can. You measure how far you have jumped from your back foot its measured in cm. This tests the athlete's elastic leg strength. * 1 Minute Sit Ups: This is done by lying down on your back with your knees bent. Keeping your hands on top of your shoulders, you sit up and lie back on your shoulder blades as many times as you can in one minute. This tests your muscular endurance on the client's abdominals. * 1 Minute Press Ups: This is done by getting into the press up position and by doing as many press ups as you can in one minute. ...read more.


This is why I'm going to run a series of tests that will benefit him, to make sure he has the proper fitness level for his sport. First I'm going to carry out the seat and reach test, which tests the flexibility he is got in his leg and back muscles, which are needed in basketball for a certain drills. Next I am going to make sure he does the YMCA step test, which tests the stamina he has to run back and forward in the court. To test his power we are going to make him do the standing long jump, which tests his leg power for his lay-ups and blocks. Finally we are going to test his upper body muscular endurance by doing the one minute press up test, which will show how strong my client is for putting pressure towards the opponents in other teams at a game. Questionnaire Name: Address: The gables Tel (home) Tel (mobile) Date of birth: 22-05-87 Sex: Male x female ? Occupation: Student Weight:75 kg Height:1'97cm Emergency Contact name and telephone: Name of G.P: Surgery and telephone: MEDICAL INFORMATION Please complete the following by answering Yes or No Do you have any history of heart disease? No Do you have any history of lung disorder or shortness of breath? No Do you have any history of increased cholesterol? ...read more.


* The flexibility of Philip was perfect, but flexibility is a thing that will go away if it's not trained therefore. Therefore he would need to do a several of stretches everyday holding them for about 30-40 seconds, this should be a routine, just before going to sleep or whenever he is bored. * His body mass index was between the range of the data, but it was close to be over it, therefore what he should do is to make sure he does some cardiovascular exercise, maybe running for 20 to 30 minutes 3 days a week to make sure his aerobic fitness level keeps healthy. * Finally his standing long jump was perfect, had an amazing result of 2.53cm which is very good, this shows he has good power and right technique at doing the test, but the strength on his leg might also decrease if they are not being exercised, therefore he should make sure he does some leg exercise, maybe leg curls or leg presses, which will make him obtain even better results. Hopefully this series of exercise will make him improve his weak fitness components and get better results on his already perfect tests. ?? ?? ?? ?? Training and Fitness / Fitness Testing Assignment 3 1 National Diploma In Sports Group B ...read more.

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