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Interpersonal skills for business

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INTERPERSONAL SKILLS FOR BUSINESS Introduction This assignment will be about my self-evaluation about my personal development over the course of this semester, I will also be talking about my interpersonal skills and every other skills that I have which is important in this interactive working world that we live in. I will be talking about my strengths and weaknesses, how I can further improve my skills and further improve on my weaknesses. I will reflect back on how I acquired these skills and why I became the person I am now. I will also reflect back at the seminar activities that I have done and comment about how it helped me and whether I will find them useful to use in the future and how I can use them. Main Body I think interpersonal skills are the most important skill that anyone can have & should have to be successful. This skill is how people judge one another and it will be the deciding factor when getting your dream job. I consider myself as a person who definitely works below my potential, I can be very lazy at times and I am always a last minute person in completing my tasks, at the beginning of the semester I have done a exercise in seminar called the 'Procrastination test', my score was 1.9, so according to the test I had a strong tendency to procrastinate and work below my potential, ...read more.


My time management skills are really poor, I regularly make plans and schedules and to-do lists, but when the time comes to do the task I find it really hard to start and to do those things, I think this happens because I was always so lazy and I didn't had so much workload before, therefore I find it hard to change myself to the more workload, I find it really hard to do stuff especially if it seems it will take a long time to do, I am beginning to realise that I can do tasks if I break them into little pieces, for example instead of trying to do an assignment at one go, I can try to do it 30 minutes per day, this way it seems more manageable, but first I need to learn to work harder. I am working much harder now then I was before this semester, I feel that I have been enlightened and I have made up my mind on what I want to achieve in my life. This enlightenment happened about a year ago. I am not spontaneous, and cannot work spontaneously, I always I always feel like I go one step forward and one step backward, its like a cycle, this is because I always push myself hard to achieve something, and when I start working hard, I can not keep that state because it is to hard for me ...read more.


The presentation and the group works I have done at seminars helped me a lot on this because it shoved me what I was really capable off and it gave me a chance to prove myself to myself, it also caused some slight improvement at the most of the my other interpersonal skills. I am now a better speaker, my body language is more confident now, I am a better listener and I am more able to concentrate on what other people have to say. The assessed presentation that I've done was very important, I knew that I had to bring together every skills that I had learned through the course of the module, I had to use visual aid which tested my written communication skills, I had to take questions from the audience which tested my listening skills and most importantly I had to talk in from of many people for five minutes, this tested my confidence and oral communication. Therefore I felt that I had to prepare really thoroughly for this presentation and didn't leave anything for the last minute this time. I wrote out the scenario that I created and tried to memorise it. During my presentation I was confident and spoke well, I don't think I would have been able to do this and be as good as I were before this module. 1 ...read more.

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