Investigation into the effect of exercise on heart rate

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Investigation into the effect of exercise on heart rate Introduction In order to test the effect of a quantifiable amount of exercise on the heart rate, the exercise undertaken will be strictly controlled. A single step of fixed height will be used along with a metronome to regulate the speed of stepping. This ensures continuity of the exercise and that the effect of the amount of exercise on the heart beat can be seen and will not be unduly affected by the speed or rigour of the stepping. As three volunteers are to be tested, the results will show variations specific to each volunteer which could be due to fitness, gender, step tequnique etc. A separate person (hereafter referred to as the 'pulse checker') will check and record heart rate as it can be very difficult to measure ones own heart rate accurately following vigorous exercise. The volunteers should be asked not to drink, eat or smoke for 1 hour prior to the investigation. Any of these could affect heart rate, especially drinks containing caffeine (as this can increase heart rate).


5. Place left foot completely onto floor next to right foot. Pulse Count Procedure * Pulse checker to attempt to locate pulse on neck and wrist prior to start of test to establish which method is easiest and then to keep to that method for the remainder of the test. * Pulse checker to count number of beats in 10 seconds and multiply by 6 (heart rate is number of beats per minute) Investigation procedure The following procedure should be repeated once each for 3 volunteers. 1. Volunteer to rest for 5 minutes. 2. Volunteer to stand for 1 minute - heart rate may change from sitting to standing. 3. Pulse checker to take pulse three times and calculate average for resting pulse value. 4. Step Exercise 4.1. Volunteer to perform 10 step procedures. 4.2. Pulse checker to count pulse rate and record in table. 4.3. Pulse checker to count and record pulse rate every 30 seconds until pulse returns to resting value. 5. Repeat Step exercise (part 3 above)


e.g. Questions to consider 1. Does the difference between resting and maximum heart rate relate to the individual? 2. Does the time taken to return to resting heart rate relate to the individual? Limitations and Possible Improvements Data could be confirmed by repeating the tests for each student to correlate/validate results. Method of exercise * If a continuous method of exercise could be used, for example a treadmill, the effect of different levels of exertion could also be measured by setting different exercise rates, rather than quantities of exercise. A continuous set of results could be taken over time with varying speeds of walking/running. Method of data collection * Accuracy of the results will be affected by the 'human' element. Something like an electrocardiograph would give a more accurate measurement of heart rate and additional information. * There will be gaps in the data owing to the method of manually counting heart rate. An electrocardiograph would measure heart rate continually allowing smaller changes in rate to be observed and making it possible to see how the heart rate builds up as well as time to return to rest rate.

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