Investigation to see the effect of exercise on pulse rate

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Investigation to see the effect of exercise on pulse rate Investigation to see the effect of exercise on pulse rate Introduction: This experiment tests the effects of exercise on pulse rate. Pulse rate represents the beating of the heart, specifically the ejection of blood from the left ventricle to the general circulation of the body. Before the start of exercise, your pre-exercise heart rate usually rises above normal, and this is called an anticipatory response. During exercise, respiration increases based on the amount of activity being done. When exercise is being completed, there is an increased demand for gas exchange, due to the circulatory system being under continuous stress. Oxygen consumption increases rapidly, aswell as carbon dioxide production. Regular exercise also produces changes in circulation. The blood flow to working muscles increase, and this means that more oxygen and energy can be delivered to the muscle cells. Blood volume and the number of red blood cells also increase with this large flow, and oxygen levels rise considerably. In our experiment we have decided to test a type of aerobic exercise; skipping. This will effect various parts of the body and is designed to build up stamina and keep a regular heart beat.


This enables us to record accurate results for measuring the effects of exercise on pulse rate. When recording the resting pulse rate, we will time it for 1 minute every time, because this gives the exact average beats per minute for the person. After the exercise, we decided that we will time the pulse rate for just 15 seconds, and then multiply the number by 4, as this is just the right amount of time as for the heart rate not to decrease. Hypothesis: I predict that with the increase in time when the exercise is completed, the pulse rate will also increase. Although, because skipping is an aerobic exercise, I also think that as you increase the amount of time, your body anticipates the amount of exercise being done and starts to become used to the increase in pulse rate and can cope with it better. Whereas, for smaller amounts of time, your body carries on working harder to deal with the stress because it does not know how long you are going to carry on, and so anticipates that you need the increased amount of oxygen.


Our method for testing the prediction was suitable, and the experiment worked well and produced enough information in order for us to analyse. The anomalous results that we witnessed actually helped me to come to different conclusions and were not bad results for us to have. To improve the experiment to get some more reliable evidence, I think we could have maybe used some more varied times for testing the effects of exercise on pulse rate, in order to get more constant results to analyse. But apart from that I think that the experiment that we carried out worked well enough, and gave us some interesting and varied results. To extend the investigation, we could have changed another variable to help get different aspects of results for example; type of exercise length of time for the exercise the rest periods the no.of seconds pulse rate is measured for before/after exercise Overall, the experiment we completed produced some unexpected results, but allowed us to analyse the results more carefully. After looking at all of the results, I have come to the conclusion that exercise does have an effect on pulse rate, and as the amount of activity increases so too does your pulse rate, but only up to a certain point.

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