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Justification of Fitness Components for Rounders.

Extracts from this document...


Introduction Candidate's Name: Aisha Hussain Candidate's Centre Name: Slough Grammar School Candidate's Centre Number: 51427 The Chosen Activity on Which the Portfolio Will Focus: Rounders Declaration - this personal performance portfolio represents my own original work. Any information which I have obtained form other sources is acknowledged. Signed ............................. Table of Contents Anatomy and Physiology Justification of Fitness Components for Rounders Physical fitness is the ability to cope effectively with the stresses of everyday life and still have energy left over for emergencies. Fitness can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, but health and fitness are not the same thing. The level of fitness you require depends on your lifestyle. A relatively sedentary life only requires brisk walks to maintain your fitness level. However, if you play sport regularly, you have to train many times a week to maintain a high fitness level. Fitness consists of many components which fall into two categories: health-related fitness or motor/skill-related fitness. Health-related fitness is essential for everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Motor/skill-related fitness is more important to the sports performer. Health-related fitness: - * Aerobic capacity (cardiovascular endurance) - the ability of an athlete to take in and use oxygen, allowing participation in prolonged periods of continuous submaximal activities, such as, swimming, running, cycling, rowing. It depends on the efficiency of your cardiac, vascular and respiratory systems. It is genetically determined as the percentage of slow oxidative muscle fibres in your body determine how long you can work for without switching to anaerobic respiration. * Strength - applying a force against a resistance. There are three types of strength: 1. Maximum strength-the greatest force the neuromuscular system is capable of exerting in a single maximum voluntary contraction. 2. Elastic (explosive) strength (power)-ability of the neuromuscular system to overcome resistance with a high speed of contraction. Essential for activities involving sprinting, throwing, jumping or hitting and the athlete requires a high percentage of fast glycotic muscle fibres to perform well. ...read more.


The team that scores the most rounders wins. The batter can stay at any post on the way round, reaching the fourth post several balls later. They then have another hit on their turn. The bowler and fielders work together to get the batters out as quickly as possible, by stumping their post with the ball before the batter reaches it, or catching them out. This prevents them from scoring rounders. Most teams have one fielder on each post, and the rest are arranged, depending on the batter's ability and whether they are right or left-handed. Contact Details Three different addresses and telephone numbers were found: - 1. National Office: 55 Westland Gardens, Westfield, Sheffield, S20 8ES Tel: 0114 2480357 Fax: 08700 520396 Email: rounders@nra-rounders.co.uk 2. National Office: 3 Denehurst Avenue, Nottingham, NG8 5DA Tel: 0602 785514 3. National Office: 38 Hardy Street, Kimberley, Nottingham, NG16 2JX Tel/Fax: 0115 938 5478 Regional Structure Rounders did not have a regional structure on their website, so I emailed the National Rounders Association to ask for it, but they do not currently have one. Here is the email below: We are currently working on a regional structure and part of it will be trialled this year. Keep watching the web site as the Strategic plan will be published there. Could you print the School registration form and ask your teacher to register your school as a member. Harry -------Original Message------- From: ask-harry@nra-rounders.co.uk Date: 02 March 2003 23:25:29 To: nra.office@btopenworld.com Subject: Ask Harry Name: Aisha Hussain Email: ayzz@hotmail.com School: Slough Grammar Town: Slough Question: What is the regional Structure for rounders? However, they try to follow the Sport England Regions and from this year the NRA will hold Regional Rounders Competitions leading to the National Tournaments for 12yrs and under and 16yrs and under. Here is the regional structure for the southeast: Coaching Awards Coaches and umpires are provided with courses by the NRA to increase the quality of coaching and therefore improving the quality of play. ...read more.


We hit the ball out as far as possible and had to score a rounder, otherwise we were out. This made the fielders run, as they had to stay inside their posts and run outfield after it. We scored the rounders quite easily, so we changed it to running around the pitch twice to score a rounder. This made us sprint faster. When we got tired, we changed positions to bowler and backstop. We then cooled down at the end of the session with a jog and stretches. Evaluation: My batting has definitely improved, and now catching and batting are my strengths. I can catch the balls with relative ease and hit the ball quite hard and with direction. This session, I got a lot of extrinsic feedback as my assistants cheered and praised me when it was required. Week 10: - Date: Wednesday 18th December, 2002 Time: 12.15pm - 1.15pm Venue: Lascelles Park Weather conditions: Snowing Equipment: a flat bat Assistants: Kelly, Erum, Leah, Shamila, Sarah, Shazia, Jaz, Sannah and Salma. Mood: We were very excited due to the snow, and ready to play our recreational game of rounders. Objective for session: Improve anaerobic capacity and throwing technique. We made snowballs and bowled to the batter using them. However, the snowball disintegrated when the bat made contact, so we threw them at each other instead from great distances, and the aim was to catch them without letting it fall on the ground. We managed to keep the first snowball in the air for 5 minutes before it turned to powder and we had to make a new one. It was quite tiring throwing the snowballs because they are quite big and heavy and the distance was quite large. We were exhausted at the end of this training session. Evaluation: Today was very enjoyable but tiring. It gave our arms a workout, and since it was our last training session, we enjoyed ourselves and kept it informal. I didn't mind the cold because it's almost Christmas and the snow was fun to play with. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Safety Aspects and Risk Assessment section.

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