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Lifestyle factors that can affect sporting performance

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´╗┐Liam WheelerAssignment 2Sports performance Lifestyle factor What is it and why can it effect a sportsman/woman Lack of exercise If you do not exercise your muscular strength will decrease. You will find it more difficult to sleep. You will suffer from depression if you don?t exercise on a regular basis. Smoking It will diminish your lung capacity over time which would decrease your stamina. Drinking too much alcohol It is bad to drink alcohol before a sporting activity because the body?s ability to turn food into energy is affected. Drinking alcohol also slows down the reaction times. Finally drinking alcohol can also increase the body heat loss and reduces endurance. Drugs If you take drugs during sport you could suffer from high blood pressure, infertility, kidney failure and heart disease. Lack of nutrients If you do not eat nutritious food stamina will decrease and muscle bulk is reduced. ...read more.


They also have larger skeletons which can give better leverage. Some sports are better suited to a small light frame such as gymnastics, trampolining and netball, so these sports are predominately female. An example of women not being allowed to participate in a sport is ski jumping. Women are not allowed in the Olympics. The governing body claims ?women?s ski jumping does not reach the necessary technical criteria and as such does not yet warrant a place alongside other Olympic events?. Factor 2- Lack of exercise: Lack of exercise can contribute to stress and depression as exercise reduces levels of cortisol (a stress hormone). Blood pressure can increase sports people who do not exercise are also at risk of cardio problems. The brain works slower and muscle bulk decreases. An example was when Joe Martin was released by Blackpool F.C and did not play for a team for eight months. ...read more.


He has now been advised to quit smoking immediately as it could end his footballing career. Factor 4- Diet: If you are an athlete and you have a bad diet, you could build up fat which could lead to obesity. Without the vitamins and minerals the body is more at risk from infection and disease. If you do not drink water enough it could lead to dehydration which will affect the athletes? performance. Also if an athlete has too many carbohydrates it can make the body bloated and digestion uncomfortable. Finally if an athlete doesn?t have enough fibre it could lead to problems with digestion. An example of an athlete that recently has a poor diet is Ronaldo (Brazilian player). He has been issued a diet plan, he has been told not to have any carbohydrates at night. Also on the plan was a list of food that he should not eat, the list was: pizza, kebabs, soft drinks and alcohol beverages. ...read more.

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