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My 6-week Training Course

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My 6-week Training Course The aim of the 6-week training programme is * To improve my level of general fitness * Have a higher performance in my chosen sport which is basketball (specific fitness) 1. My speed should improve to help me do fast breaks down the court and running to help other players. 2. My ability to dodge other players should improve to help me get past opponents and beat them to the ball or get free to help another member of my team. 3. I should also be able to play for longer if my Muscular Endurance in my legs, my Cardiovascular Fitness and my stamina improves. 4. Jumping, stretching and reaching for the ball should become easier if my flexibility improves. The components of fitness that I am trying to improve upon are * Agility * Speed * Muscular Endurance * Flexibility * Cardiovascular * Power * Stamina * Dynamic and Explosive Strength I want to improve my fitness levels because basketball is 10% aerobic fitness and 90% anaerobic so that means I will be working hard for a long period of time, and I also need to improve because I may be playing at a higher level or against teams with faster more agile players. ...read more.


I am also going to take the same tests again at the end of the six weeks to see if I have improved. The tests that we did were: * 12 minute run (Cardiovascular Fitness and Muscular Endurance) * Zig-Zag Test (Agility) * Squat Test (Muscular Endurance) * Sergeant Jump (Power/Strength) * 25m Sprint Here are my results before doing the six-week training programme: Test Name 1st attempt 2nd attempt 3rd attempt 12 minute run 11 3/4 laps -- -- Zig-Zag Test 12:17 9:68 9:50 Squat Test 60 in a minute 64 in a minute -- Sergeant Jump 25m Sprint 45cm 3:81 48cm 4:03 53cm -- Before starting each training session I have to warm up. I do this because For my warm up I jog for a circuit of the sports hall then side step and weave stepping. This starts to warm up the synovial fluids in my joints and will make it easier to move joints like my knees and elbows and therefore will prevent the chance of me injuring myself. After a gentle jog I sprint for a few metres then jog, then sprint and jog to get my heart pumping and to prepare my body for the activity. I then stretch to increase the flexibility of my muscles. ...read more.


* Reversibility - I am not decreasing my exercise so reversibility is not one of my principles of training. If I were injured then it would be different because my injury would prevent me from exercising the injured muscle and the benefits of training would reverse. Tedium - This is the only principle that I may not be able to do anything about because there's no real way that I can make the training exciting and not boring due to the facilities of the school and where we have to train. I think that I put the activities in a very good order. If I were to change it in any way I would not put Step-Ups and Jump Balls next to each other because on the 3rd set it became very hard. I didn't actually enjoy the course at all. I hated each lesson. I had no motivation and got bored very easily. I also got distracted very easily. I listened to the music and worked in time to the beat so it was unfortunate if a slow song was playing. If I ever were to do it again I would definitely have to do something about the tedium. Maybe it was the location I didn't like (sports hall) but I would have to come up with a sense of motivation to make me work to my full potential. ...read more.

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