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My Fitness results and how I can improve them

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Task 5 My Fitness results and how I can improve them Body Composition For my client the skinfold test which measures body fat percentage is an easy method of discovering correct body weight and composition. It is a useful test because the measurements taken are plugged into a formula to determine your percent body fat. A major advantage of this test is that it is readily available at most health clubs, sports clubs and hospitals. The only drawback is that results can vary greatly in the hands of an inexperienced technician. This information is very useful because no doubt about it excess body fat hinders performance in my sport which is football. Outstanding sports men and women come in all shapes and sizes, even within the same sport but it's not your weight that matters but your body fat percentage. In football excess body fat can be related to injury (think Gazza), non adherence to training and overall reduced athletic performance. A high body fat percentage acts as dead weight reducing speed and efficiency of movement. A high body fat percentage is also negative to jumping, agility and endurance activities. Even those footballers who want to gain weight will harm their performance by increasing body fat too much. ...read more.


Coopers 12 Minute run and the Multi stage fitness test The Coopers 12 minute run is an endurance test you can simply use to predict your VO2max, it only requires a stopwatch and a 400m track. My client had to run continuously for 12 minutes whilst trying to maintain a constant pace throughout. The Multi stage fitness test is a maximal test which means you run until you can't run anymore. The test is excellent for multi-sprint sports such as football. The test involves running 20 meter shuttles continuously for the duration of the test. The tape is split into one minute levels. Each level is a series of bleeps that designates the pace at which you must run the 20 meters. Each level gets quicker and quicker. Taking these two tests is useful towards football because these tests are proven fitness tests that can build a profile for my client of his cardiovascular fitness. He can then compare the results to the demands of football and then develop a football-specific, training program that will strengthen his cardiovascular ability. My clients result for the Cooper run was 2450 Metres which compared to the norms is a fair result. ...read more.


My client wouldn't have anything to fear in the strength aspect of his game as the test results show that he has a good level of strength. This doesn't mean that the strength aspect of my client's game doesn't need to improve as he should strive for an excellent or superior level of strength in order to give himself an extra advantage over his rival players. Basically it is a must that my client's strength is improved because football is a game of variety. The capacity to still jump high, sprint quickly and turn sharply in the final stages of a game all demand outstanding muscular endurance and strength will improve the performance of rapid movements such as kicking, sprinting, jumping and turning. How can this result be improved? Football requires require significant muscular power and muscular endurance. First off I would make the training sport specific I wouldn't just have my client lift heavier and heavier weights because this wouldn't improve his athletic performance. My strength training programs would result in the development of both muscular power and muscular endurance. I would try periodisation training for my client as this develops different types of strength. This is because rather than training separately for maximum force and explosive power, strength endurance or maximum strength, I could use periodisation training to develop the different components of strength in my clients sport. ...read more.

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