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My Fitness Training Programme

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My Fitness Training Programme Plan Current Fitness At the minute my general fitness is at average, as I am able to carry out everyday sort of activities like; run for the bus, walk the dog and carry out moderate swimming sets containing both aerobic and anaerobic activities in my swim team. With the swimming club I train an average of four- five times a week, although each session contains a variation of activities that work on different parts of my performance, e.g. one session of flexibility/technique a week. Within the week I also carry out one circuit programme inside school and gym work once outside school with the swimming club. I am not carrying any injuries at present so I should have no holdbacks in my programme. Safety Aspects Working in the gym is potentially very dangerous. You should always have a partner or someone else with you when you are working in the gym. The main cause of injury is not doing a good warm up and then pulling ligaments and muscles. When you are using free weights e.g. bench press, you should always have a spotter in case the weight falls and injures you. To insure I don't sustain any injuries I will do the warm up which falls. Warm Up Pulse Raiser It is important that the warm up begins with a pulse raising exercise, as it increases blood circulation, in turn warming up the muscles preparing them for work. It is also responsible for kick starting the aerobic pathways, which will assist the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. It makes them more flexible and lowers the risk of injury. It warms up the synovial fluid and makes my joints more mobile. The tasks I will incorporate in this phase of the warm up would be a light 5 minute jog and, to make it less boring, tasks such as touching the ground with each hand alternatively and jumping into the air like I am going to head the ball in football could be included. ...read more.


I ran 50 laps with a level of three and improved to 56 laps and moved up a level. Grip Strength Squeeze dynamometer as hard as possible and read the dial. You require a handgrip dynamometer, this measures strength. I scored an average of 34 for both hands classifying me as above average. This is one test I wanted to improve on as it tested my muscular strength and I successfully did that moving up to an average of 36 for both hands. Sit- up Test Lie on the ground and move elbows to knees, see how many you can do in 30 seconds. This test is for muscular endurance. I scored 19 which is average and I was disappointed with it. After 6 weeks I went up to 24 sit-ups which is a high score. Sit and reach Test Sit on the ground with your legs straight and push a ruler forward as far as possible. You must be able to hold it for a few seconds. I was able to push it 25cm Standing Broad Jump Stand with your feet together behind a marked line and jump forward as far as possible. You measure from the back of the person's rear foot. This was a weak exercise for me. I scored 160cm and after 6 weeks I went up 15cm. Five Metre Shuttle Run This test works out your speed. You run 10x5m as quickly as possible. I was able to get 19.94 secs and improved to a time of 19.43, both times were above average. Stork Stand This test is to question your balance. You stand with one foot bend and touching the other legs knee and a stop watch is started when you rise on your toe of the other foot and see how long you can hold yourself up. I scored a disappointing score of 6.51secs which is a low score but was able to improve it slightly to 14 secs. ...read more.


As you lose your fitness approximately three times faster than it takes you to gain it, I decided to go to the gym privately once a week and do the circuit there as well as in school, this showed a greater improvement in my records and prevented me from loosing my fitness. In my recording tables which can be seen above I have included exactly what exercise I did and how much of it I did. This shows how I progressed during the programme. I also stated the effects the cardio vascular exercises had on my body using my heart rate, listed in the tables above. Final Appraisal of the Programme Before I started this programme I carried out a number of tests to find out what level my fitness was currently at. From these results I found that my muscular power was quite weak in comparison to the rest of the fitness factors that I tested. As this was the case I decided to focus my programme on improving power. The original test for power was the standing broad jump which I scored average in, when ii repeated at the end of my programme I found that I had improved by 15cm. The programme was based to improve my fitness and swimming and lately I had a gala which was 50m races (sprints). Power is a great advantage in these short races and I improved all my personal best times suggesting my programme was very worth while. This carrying out and writing up process has improved my understanding a lot. I know I could confidently design an event specific programme relizing better what to concentrate on and why. As this programme has clearly benefited me in many ways I would like to carry it on. The programme itself can be adjusted for concentrating on different strokes and done more often and in different ways to get a different training effect. I will quite enjoy developing the programme and designing one which will hopefully benefit me in a similar way. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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