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My Pep (Personal exercise programme).

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My Pep (Personal exercise programme) I have recently been assigned a PEP by my college lecturer, in this programme I shall be presented to improve a specific fitness level which is sit-ups. I shall construct a regime in which I will better myself by doing a specialised exercise plan. This plan shall help me gain a better technique and additionally improve my current standard. I believe that during every session I should take regular breaks to regenerate my stamina and strength. The fitness requirements I will need to incorporate in my PEP are; *Muscular Endurance, this is required due to sit-up being a muscular endured exercise. I will need to focus upon my abdominal region mainly due to it being the major key part in my PEP. *Dynamic strength, this will be a major roll in my ab-bleep test. Basically due to the test being over a long period of time so I will need to apply an equal amount of force throughout a long period of time. *Power is needed to help me speed up my sit-ups after reaching a specific stage in the bleep test. I will need to use the power efficiently. ...read more.


The cool down is as important as the warm up because it get your body back to normal. What's more is that it helps replace the oxygen debt in your muscles, and so gets rid of any lactic acid which could cause any stiffness in the muscles later on. Moreover it gets rid of the extra blood in your muscles, and so stops it pooling in your veins. Blood pooling can make you feel dizzy and weak if you stop exercising suddenly. Again my cool down will last for about 5 or 10 minutes, enough to make me feel that I won't strain myself. The beginning of every session shall start off with a 5 minute warm up; following this shall be a 5 minute jog on the running machine, subsequent to this I shall be on the rowing machine for 10 minutes. This is necessary so that I can build up more muscle in my abdominal area. After the rowing machine I shall do 10 minutes worth of sit ups in stages. This will intensify as the weeks go on. Additionally I shall 10 minutes of various weights and to finish I shall do 5 minutes of sit-ups and 5 minutes of a cool down. ...read more.


week 5 warm up for 5 mins 5 minutes on jogging machine, do 30 more meters 10 minutes on rowing machine, do 30 more meters 10 minutes doing various ab work, use 10kg weight 10 minutes doing various weights 5 minutes of sit ups, do 25 more sit ups 5 minute cool down I found this exercise plan very demanding especially doing the extra 30 meters on the rowing machine it was very painful. I could feel the lactic acid building up and that thick saliva in your mouth building up. I wasn't particularly looking forward to week 6. In the morning I felt strain round my abdominal area and there was a red line that went across my stomach. week 6 warm up for 5 mins 5 minutes on jogging machine, do 35 more meters 10 minutes on rowing machine, do 35 more meters 10 minutes doing various ab work, use 10kg weight 10 minutes doing various weights 5 minutes of sit ups, do 30 more sit ups 5 minute cool down I personally wasn't looking forward to this week due to finding the previous week strenuous. This time I didn't find it as difficult as week 5. this might be due to the day before the PEP. The morning after I felt fine knowing that I did not have any more PEP to do. ...read more.

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