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My Personal Exercise Plan

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My Personal Exercise Plan Personal Details Name: Alexander Hunt Age: 16 Height (cm): 174 Weight (kg): 59 Health Problems/Injuries: None Sport: Football Other sports: Handball, Cricket, Long-Distance running Preparation As a footballer, I constantly need to maintain high levels of fitness. I must make sure that my endurance (both muscular and cardio-vascular) always stays high; I need to be sharp and dynamic, and therefore require pace and agility; I also need skill-based fitness, such as co-ordination and good spatial awareness; finally, I need strength and power to push me through hard training and matches and ultimately physically outperform the opposition. The reasons that I am doing this are: * To enhance my performance in a sporting activity, specifically football. An improved level of general fitness will allow me to perform at a higher level, which in turn will provide me with greater enjoyment and confidence. This will breed a hunger to do even better, and provides me with the opportunity to not only play with physical attributes, but also to display skill and flair. * A good level of fitness encourages a healthy lifestyle and so contributes heavily towards my overall health. Personally, I have decided to focus on two specific areas: strength and pace. Strength will allow me to win tackles and headers easier, allow with an increased ability to shield and keep the ball under pressure. Good strength means that I can concentrate less on having to rely on other attributes to help me against bigger opponents, and more on actually putting the man under pressure and winning the ball back. ...read more.


It is not a priority. However, in the interest of constant improvement, my target is to get my average down to 15.0 seconds, shaving of 0.17 seconds. Test Analysis Looking at my test results, I can determine that the two areas I need to improve most in are: * Muscular Strength * Cardio-Vascular Endurance Therefore, I have designed a plan to improve these areas. Safety and Injury Prevention In order to perform my Personal Exercise Plan safely I will need to use all equipment sensibly and properly. I must make sure that I have a spot when doing bench-press, and that when using weights and machines that I know how to use them and am aware of any safety issues there may be. To prevent injuries and stiffness, there are two vital components of any training session: the warm-up and cool-down. I must always warm-up in order to prevent the pulling of muscles and dislocation of joints. I must, after the exercise, also cool down to make sure my muscles will not get stiff or achy the next day, resulting in a reduced performance. In order to make this effective, I must combine it with a wealth of fluids being taken in before, during and after the exercise. This will provide energy, hydrate my body, and also prevent cramp and injuries. It is vitally important that I always drink a lot when in a fitness programme like this. ...read more.


The plan worked as I had hoped. Following the end of my plan, I once again performed two of my earlier tests: the bleep test and the press-up test: Bleep Test Test No Level VO2 Max 1 14.6 62.23 2 14 60.64 3 14.4 61.70 Average 14.3 61.52 I have increased my bleep test average from 13.2 to 14.3, meaning an increase in VO2 Max of 3.79. This is solid proof that my Cardio-Vascular Endurance has definitely increased, meaning that part of the plan was completely successful. My original target was an average of 14, meaning I have bypassed even that by some margin. Press-Up Test Test No Number of Press-Ups performed Press-Ups per Second 1 57 0.95 2 62 1.05 3 65 1.1 Average 61 1.05 This test was also a success as I increased my average number of press-ups a minute by 20, meaning an increased in 0.3 press-ups a second, bringing it up to my target of 1 a second, i.e. 60 over a minute. This means that the muscular strength part of my plan also worked very effectively. So, to conclude, my PEP has increased my Cardio-Vascular fitness and Muscular Strength to the level I wanted, as specified in my planning. I can therefore say that the plan was successful and fit well with what I needed. I can therefore also assume that my performance in my sport will be of a higher quality now than what it was before the programme; which is the ultimate aim of increasing your physical ability. ...read more.

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