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My Personal Exercise Plan

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Personal Exercise Plan Personal information Name: Jason Peter Thurgood Date of Birth: 30/12/1988 Height: 182cm Weight: 66kg Body Composition: Body fat = 10.00 % Body fat classification = Optimal Peak flow rate (lung capacity) = 620 L/minute Resting pulse rate = 90 bpm Test data 11.1 bleep test 50.2 VO2 Max 35 Sit Ups 30 Press Ups 2.15m standing jump 19.06secs 5-metre shuttle run 16cm sit and reach 120lbs Grip strength 45 second circuit training results: Bench jump = 50 Sit-ups =47 Press-ups = 35 Step-ups = 46 Squats = 60 Shuttle run = 23 25 second circuit training results: Bench jump = 35 Sit-ups = 26 Press-ups = 24 Step-ups = 29 Squats = 37 Shuttle run = 10 Sporting activity The sport I will be training for is Golf. Specific fitness requirements of that activity Upper and lower body strength: To be able to resist the force of the golf club and to be able to hit the ball further Power: To be able to increase length to my shots allowing me to hit the ball further with more control Flexibility: To be able to complete a trunk rotation whenever needed and ...read more.


So my cardiovascular endurance could be improved further. * Flexibility I can easily improve this by stretching every night. I was disappointed with my sit and reach results as they showed that I am not that flexible, and in golf this is a key feature. Things that I need to maintain: * My fitness level, as I am pleased with this. * My grip strength, as it helps strengthen forearms and they are a key muscle in golf. Current exercise regime Daily program Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 7.00-14.45 School School P.e School School School P.e x2 18 hole competition * 18 hole competition 15.00-20.00 10 press + sit ups + swing training Rest Rest *9 holes practice + weight training 9 holes practice and 10 press + sit ups Rest 10 press + sit ups + swing training *Sometimes I play on this day Identifying additional training To achieve the requirements I want, I will need to improve my muscle power, strength and endurance. The exercises I will carry out to achieve this are; a certain amount of press-ups and sit-ups gradually increasing the amount as the program runs through, I will also add in pull ups as these work your arm and abdominal muscles. ...read more.


+ forearm work Perform Golf 18 Holes Perform Golf 18 Holes Week 6 Flexibility + Balance training Perform Golf 9 Holes Muscle training + Swing training + Forearm work Rest Day Perform Golf 9 Holes Rest Day Perform Golf 18 Holes Muscle training Involves: * Upper bodywork, Press-ups and Pull-ups. * Abdominal muscle work, Sit-ups. * Lower bodywork, Step-ups and squats. * Weight work, using dumbbells to work on power, strength and endurance. Flexibility training Involves 15 minutes of stretching out muscles like the back (Latissimus dorsi), neck (Trapizius), upper and lower arms (Triceps, Biceps and the Forearm) including the shoulder (Deltoid) plus all the lower body like the legs (Gluteus maximus, Quadriceps, Hamstrings and the Gastronimius). Balance training Involves swinging a weighted golf club whilst standing on two bricks for 20minutes in sets of 10 swings, with interval rest periods of 30 seconds. Swing tuning + Forearm work `` Involves 2 sets of 50 swings continuously to finely tune the swing. The forearm work consists of using a stress ball to strengthen forearm. 30 squeezes per work out and whilst squeezing must hold for 5 seconds. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Jason Thurgood 11/3 ...read more.

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