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My personal exercise programme (P.E.P) is on football and I am focusing on my position of centre back.

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My personal exercise programme (P.E.P) is on football and I am focusing on my position of centre back. A centre back needs to have strength, speed and balance in order to tackle. They also need speed for pushing out in order to catch the opposition offside. They also need stamina to keep a good level of play throughout the whole length of the game and strength to kick the ball far up the pitch to get the team out of danger when under attack. However for my P.E.P I will be focusing on my cardiovascular fitness. My strengths are balance and strength (power) as my best part of my game is tackling as I usually win most fifty-fifty tackles. My areas for improvement are speed and endurance as when tackling back with an apposing player I find it hard to keep up with them as I am not very fast and I also get slower as the game goes on due to poor stamina. Therefore I'm focusing on my cardiovascular fitness to try and improve these areas. In my P.E.P I will try to include the various principles of training, for example specificity and reversibility but I will mainly looking at progression and overload. ...read more.


Then stretch all the major muscles used for football, each stretch should be held for a period of 8 - 10 seconds. The muscles that need to be stretched are: 1.Hamstrings 2.Quadriceps 3.Gastrocnemiuis 4.Triceps 5.Deltoids 6.Trapizium Station One On this station you have to start at the line, sprint to the first cone then sprint back to the line then sprint to the second cone, then sprint back to the line then sprint to the third cone, then back to the line. Then sprint to the second cone and back then to the first cone and back to complete the exercise. This will improve your speed, agility and muscular endurance of the quadriceps and hamstrings. Station Two This station is a sit up exercise. Perform as many as you can in one minute. These will improve muscular endurance in the abdominal muscles; this comes in handy when a throw-in needs to be thrown over a long distance. This is explosive strength because it is done in one explosive movement. Station Three This exercise concentrates on a player's chipping ability and accuracy, the hoops should be placed 5m apart. Place a ball behind the line and chip it so it bounces in the first hoop, then chip a ball so it bounces in the second hoop. ...read more.


Station 8, kick-ups, I am fairly good at kick-ups already but by the end of the program I was able to keep the ball under control at a lower height than what I started with. Station 9, passing, this station tested my right and left foot, my accuracy and my speed, my left foot has improved a lot by doing this exercise, my right foot has slightly improved. During week four my results decrease, the reason for this is I had a flu that week and was unable to perform to my full potential, as my results show. I found the circuit to be very intense and tiring, but very effective as my circuit tested all the areas I wanted it to. Also I would make the exercise time slightly less at the beginning of the program so I could get use to doing the exercises gradually. Although I had improved during the six-week period I had only improved slightly, so if I were repeating this program I would make it last 12 weeks so improvements could be seen more easily. Once the circuit becomes to easy I would have to make it harder to affect plateauing. If the circuit is not made harder the body will stop improving in the areas of muscular endurance and anaerobic respiration. The body must also train to prevent reversibility. This is when the affects of training decrease and the benefits are lost. ...read more.

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