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My personal fitness program is designed to enhance my speed, agility and cardio-vascular fitness, as well as to improve my skill level in the main parts of tennis.

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Planning Section Introduction My personal fitness program is designed to enhance my speed, agility and cardio-vascular fitness, as well as to improve my skill level in the main parts of tennis. To improve these aspects of my performance I will be doing a six-week course involving, in particular, a circuit-training course, as well as numerous endurance runs and fitness techniques, some of which will be included in my circuit. A circuit involves a series of around 6-10 activities or exercises which each take place at a 'station'. I have 8 stations in my circuit, each focusing on improving separate aspects of tennis and fitness. The stations are done with very little rest in between, so as to overload the body successfully. They vary between those that increase my skill level and those that increase my fitness. On the days when I am not doing my circuit I will be doing a number of other things such as running, match practise and occasionally sessions of press-up, squat thrusts, burpees etc. to improve my muscular endurance. Planning The aim of my programme is to improve my technique and fitness for tennis. I will be aiming to improve all of my tennis shots, but in particular I want to improve my serve and backhand, as at present these are my weakest shots. My forehand is powerful and fairly accurate, so to improve it I am aiming to add topspin to the shot. My volleying is satisfactory, but though I rarely play at the net in a game of tennis, I still wish to improve my accuracy in volleying. My speed is my main attribute around the court, and although I feel tired towards the end of a match, my fitness is acceptable. Prior to the programme I have no injuries or health problems that I am aware of, so I will not need to adjust my circuit to accommodate any. ...read more.


Reversibility -This occurs when you stop training, your muscles deteriorate roughly three times faster than they build so to maintain your level of fitness you need to consistently train. Tedium -This is another word for boredom, to make the training more interesting, and therefore to increase the chance of actually training, tedium must be avoided by varying the activities The principals of training are Specificity, Progression, Overload, Reversibility and Tedium. All of these are important factors to consider when trying improving fitness. Although the majority of my circuit focuses on improving skill levels as opposed to fitness I still aim to improve fitness, so I have to take these factors into account. The effects of training are very specific, for example if we do sit-ups then it will be our abdominal muscles that improve, not our legs. This is the same for skills, if we want to improve in a game of tennis then practising dribbling a football will not be very productive, therefore we need to do exercises specific to tennis, like volley practise. As you overload your body, it eventually adapts to the extra stress you are placing on it, so you are no longer overloading it. When this happens your fitness will not improve any more, and will stay at the same level of fitness until the exercise is made harder. To prevent this the exercise needs to be made progressively harder to ensure the body continues to improve. To improve the fitness of our various body systems we need to overload them. This means we have to work them beyond their usual limit. This can be done by either exercising more often, more intensely, or for longer each time. In the same way that a body adapts to extra stress, it will also adapt to less stress. This is called reversibility; it only takes as little as three weeks for our bodies to become out of condition. ...read more.


Station 3 is much the same; I will record how many first serves that go into the service box in 2/3/4 minutes and then divide that by the amount of minutes. I am doing this so that I can compare my results through the weeks without becoming confused due to more serves going in on the later weeks, because I had more time and therefore did more serves. Stations 4, 5, 7 and 8 are the same again. Station 6 is going to be the most arduous station and I will see how many laps (and letters) I can complete in five minutes no matter what the week. Station (Testing Day) Week 1 (tues/ thurs) Week 2 (tues/ thurs) Week 3 (tues/ thurs) Week 4 (tues/ thurs) Week 5 (tues/ thurs) Week 6 (tues/ thurs) Best (tues/ thurs) 1 (seconds taken) 16.7 16.1/ 16.3 16.0/ 15.8 15.0/ 15.4 16.7/ 15.5 15.4/ 15.8 15.6/ 15.7 15.0 2 (successful 2nd serves/ minute) 6 5/ 7 8 10 12 9 12 3 (successful 1st serves/ minute) 3 1 3 6 6 8 9 9 4 (successful backhand shots/minute) 4 4 5 7 12 15 18 18 5 (successful forehand shots/minute) 7 5 6 9 12 19 17 19 6 (laps+letter) 7 (successful [aimed] volleys/ minute) 2 3 6 4 3 9 7 9 8 (successful [beating opponent] volleys/minute) 5 7 6 8 13 7 11 13 I am very pleased with these results, when I compare my testing day results with my best results (far left and far right columns respectively) then there is always a vast improvement, as I have shown below. Station No. First Week Overall Best Difference 1 16.7 15.0 1.7 secs faster 2 6 12 6 more 2nd serves in 3 3 9 6 more 1st serves in 4 4 18 14 more backhands in 5 7 19 12 more forehands in 6 7 2 9 7 more volleys in 8 5 13 8 more volleys past 'opponent' PE Coursework Summer 2002 ~1~ Josef Butler-Biggs ...read more.

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